Who would post the bail?

Apologies, for shutting down the comment section, in the last post.  7 hours of trying to set up the blog and I was clicking everything in sight.  Another 100 hours or so and I should be good to go!


Mom came for a visit, this weekend. 

She said she wanted to meet Wes and just relax.  So when she got here we RAN to Target and then went over to Wegman’s (what a great supermarket!) for lunch and shopping.  Of course, after lunch we needed something sweet.  Luckily there were samples all over the store.  I should have gotten a picture of Mom walking down an aisle with an Oreo stick in one hand and a Nutter Butter stick in the other.  Poor thing couldn’t eat them fast enough!

Then (because we didn’t have ENOUGH chocolate in us) we drove over to Starbuck’s for my newest, favorite drink – an iced mocha valencia.  Mom was tired so she waited in the car.  She hated the drink!  Couldn’t down it throw it out fast enough.  Poor thing!  The torture I put her thru. ;-D

Wes behaved like the perfect "grandkit" and pulled out all the stops in his crazy book.


Mom didn’t bring her knitting, this trip, so we couldn’t Knit In Public.  But we went up to the craft room and we did a lot of knit-talking.  She managed to rip from my hands get one of my skeins of sock yarn, so she could try out the Diamond Fantasy Shawl pattern.  I’ll be expecting a frantic call from her about 5 minutes after she casts-on.

It was a nice visit.  I haven’t seen her since January.

I didn’t sleep well, Saturday night.  Mom left at the crack of dawn to "beat the traffic" and Tom had to leave early (7:10am) for a golf tournament.  I was left alone for the day and thought I’d just go back to bed.

But first, I needed to water the garden.  Wind blowing at about 15 mph, temperature outside a brisk 58 degrees.  Yup.  Nothing like watering the garden while being all hunched over from the cold.  The icing on the cake?  I had my cell phone in the pocket of my hoodie and when I crouched down, I heard it go "BOOP" (that’s the speed dial sound…BOOP).

"Oh, great", I thought.  Who did I dial now?

Who else would I dial on a Sunday morning?  911, of course! (Yes, this happened a few months ago.)  I grabbed the phone and hung up.

1 minute later the phone rang.  911 operator calling to check to see if everything was ok.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, I explain.  She takes my info and tells me that someone might come by to check things out.

Now, I looked like a train wreck.  No sleep. Wild hair. No make-up. Crappiest sweats and tee.

Why WOULDN’T someone come to my front door.

After about 40 minutes, I thought I was home free.  Went inside and started to make breakfast…DING, DONG.  Doorbell.  Ah, the joy of greeting my towns finest.  And having to give all of my info, again.  And apologize. Again. I’m surprised he didn’t take one look at me and want to search the house for my abusers.

Sure hope we don’t get fined for the call.

I should have gone back to bed.

I should have blamed the cat.

Wes_n_wagsAddition:  Mom took a ball of Fortissima Cotton Socka in dark blue.

3 thoughts on “Who would post the bail?

  1. So, what yarn did Mom steal from ya? And I want to see that tomato you are claiming to knit…

    Sp8 🙂

  2. Wesley is so freakin’ cute, I can’t stand it!!!

    I like the new look of your blog-I am looking forward to tomorrow!!!

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