I’ve got to vent…

Sometimes I get so mad that that I just can’t form complete, coherent sentences and I KNOW I have to wait before posting.

How would this look…

I can’t believe…what the heck…the nerve of him…WTF…are you kidding me.

See? Not the best of posts.

Let us begin again. Perhaps on a lighter note.

Mom’s coming to visit, this weekend. She can’t wait to meet Wesley. Weather looks beautiful.

All systems GO.

I added another 7 rounds to my sock. Nothing worth plugging with a photo.

I get a few rounds done, while at the Allergist. There was a woman watching me.

Woman: "Excuse me. Is that knitting?"
Me: "Yes, it is."

Woman: "What kind of knitting is that?"
Me: "Well. I’m making a sock, using 1 long circular needle."

Woman: "My niece knits but I’ve never seen that type of knitting."
Me: "blah, blah, dpns. Blah, blah circular." (you get the gist)

Maybe she had never seen anyone knitting continental? She might not have ever seen yarn with more than one color.

She really threw me when she asked what "type" of knitting it was. It was KNITTING knitting. I just didn’t know how to go about telling her.

I mean, I KNOW it’s circular knitting. But how to you simplify the explanation when the person doesn’t know ANYTHING about the subject. I didn’t want to knock her into unconsciousness with my explanation.

She probably called her niece, later on, and said "I saw some lady at the doctor’s office. She said she was knitting, but I don’t think she was."

I should have pretended I didn’t speak English. I might have looked less like an idiot. (Probably not possible.)

Seedlings are a-sproutin’. Again, not the most exciting of photo opportunities.

Radish babies. These get planted in the tomato bed because they come up early in the season. The tomatoes don’t get bigger until later on. And you can plant LOTS of radishes because they’re so teensy, tiny. Most of the time I plant 16 per square foot. (Square Foot Gardening method.)

Squash babies (3 in this shot).

These will be thinned to 1 plant for every 3 planted. The first year I thought I could fit about 4 plants into one of my 3′ x 9′ beds. It was like trying to fit 4 balls of yarn into one ball band.

So now it’s 2 zucchini plants per bed. And, sometimes, that’s pushing it. The leaves look prehistoric and, once they start flowering, I start to question my sanity.

Imagine more of those photos for the cucumbers and corn. I’ll wait.

And now that the paramedics are standing by, I can go on to… 

Vet confirmation for Giardia and Trichomonas Fetus.

1st medication not doing much. Switching to another med for the Giardia PLUS another med for the T. Fetus.

Both parasites are treatable but the T. Fetus is harder to kick out. And it might be a recurring thing.

So now we have to torture Wes with 2 syringes of icky tasting stuff, twice a day. He’s a doll and we’re starting to condition him to realize that once the icky stuff has been squirted into his mouth, he will get a teaspoon of canned food.

My anger and frustration is with the breeder. There is a Pet Lemon Law in NYS and it says that the breeder should pay for medications needed to make Wes better, since he was sick from Day 1. (We have NO plans to return him. No how, no way.)

Breeder says they have lots of cats and none of them are sick (I say Bull SH*T).

AND…oy, here it comes…breeder said to me, yesterday on the phone "None of our cats have the runs. Hmmmm…what’s changed?".

OK. These diseases are water-born. Wesley had the runs from Day 1. What changed???

Me: "We give him bottled water. And the food that YOU said he should eat."
Breeder: "We give tap water."
Me: "Are you saying that there’s something in bottled water that isn’t in tap water?"
Breeder: "Bottled water IS tap water."
Me: "Depends on who is doing the tapping."

Breeder’s vet wants to see all of the testing and records from our vet. Fine by me. More ammunition if they decide they’re not going to pay the bills.

The rest is my conversation, with myself, after hanging up.

Are they saying that the 3 hour drive home made him sick with these WATER-BORN things? (Should we NOT have let Wes drink from the Hudson River on the way home?)

That the brand new toys and food dishes and litter box caused these WATER-BORN things?!?!

Our single cat household?!? (No cat here for a year. I have cleaned since then. SHEESH!)

Maybe the Pennsylvania air caused these WATER-BORN things?!?!?

So, Wes is still sick (thanks everyone, for asking about him). But it doesn’t show in his disposition. He’s still a crazy, nutball of a kitten. A loving, purr-machine.

He loves his Dad, which makes Tom very happy. Dad_needs_help_1 (Giles had bonded to me and always chose my lap over Tom’s.) Whats_insurance_1 Wes gives us equal time.

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