Tom did a great job,

Tom did a great job, clearing the veggie garden. Wisely, he left these “volunteer” Johnny Jump Ups. I love going out there and seeing them all looking at me.

In another bit of gardening stuff, I found out how to grow a spreading rose. Ignore it and, occasionally, mow it down by mistake. Doesn’t seem any worse for wear, does it?

Another shocking revelation is that we have a PEONY growing nearby. I knew there was a hydrangea, next to the rose. Always thought the next bush was a weed. Kept mowing THAT down. Now, with the same neglect doled out to the roses, I saw a beautiful pink flower.

With these kind of plants, how could ANYONE not have a green thumb?

It seems this is a time of discovery.

I just realized that the cereal Tom eats may not be listing all of the ingredients. I am shocked at what these companies try to get past us.

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