Pissed am I. Weak stomachs (or those that think I should just “chill” – you know who you are :-p) may want to skip down to the KNITTING KNEWS or GARDENING DIRT section.

We took W to the vet, yesterday. He’s been “loose” (don’t make me have to explain – it’s in relation to the litter box, OK?) and I noticed some blood.

New vet in a new facility. The vet we loved is opening a new clinic, next month. Clean place, nice people. Good so far.

They checked the sample I brought in and then the vet came back and started tossing these terms at us:

Flagellates (get your mind out of the gutter)
Trichomonas fetus

(Per the vet: None of these could have come from our “single pet, bottled water” home)


“Have to send (sample) to Colorado for testing”

And, OH, “He’s under weight”!

I’m thinking, “We went to a breeder. Should be healthy. Son of a bitch (breeder).”

We left the office with some medication that will, hopefully, kick out the Giardia (if that’s what it is).

Me no happy.

To really understand why, you have to have read my posts last year, on May 14 & 21, regarding “Bucky”.

On the up-side, Wes is a real doll. Everyone in the office had to hold him (which, in retrospect, might not have been the smartest thing to do – contagion-wise). Some threatened to steal him and stick a stuffed animal in our crate. 2 hours before we left the house, Wes went into his travel crate to take a nap. I guess he has no hard feelings about that 3 hour ride we took last week.

I got this neat card, from my Secret Pal!

Inside is a knit-themed haiku:

the cedar creek sock
sits lonely waiting its mate
quick! cast on! cast on!


Anyone else get their Knitter’s?

And, does anyone have the Spring 2001, Interweave Knits? There’s a pattern I wanted to try but my collection goes from 1998 and skips to 2002…figures.

ALSO…go on over and check out Amy’s blog. I want her to keep posting, and learning about blogging, so I can ask HER questions! LOL!

Nope. None. Blogger doesn’t like my photos. Stupid Blogger.

Tom found a small flood in our basement. We called the heating/air conditioning company and they said to shut off the A/C.

How lovely. It’s only 86 degrees outside. No problem!

UPDATE: Doorbell rang at 9:30pm. So glad they were going to call first. 1/2 hour later we cranked that puppy!

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