WESLEY WATCH Somebody send me

Somebody send me a kitten handbook. PULEEZE.

For the past week, Wes has played for about an hour and then slept for about three. Lather, rinse, repeat. OK. No problem.

Yesterday, he woke up, ate and then went to sleep. All he did was eat and sleep all day. Didn’t want to play at all. I tried to get him to “chase the ball” and he’d take a few steps and then flop down.

I was thinking Malaria. I was thinking horrible things.

I kept calling Tom at work and wailing.

5 minutes before Tom came home from work, Wesley was up and running. Back to being a maniac and giving his paper bag a bit of H E L L!

I believe I may have said something like “You little bastard!”. But I said it with love – mostly.

I would RTFM if I had one. I need one NOW.

I’m just flying along (not) with my Cedar Creek Socks. One week and I’ve gotten this far.

But I’ve been thinking about knitting A LOT! Does that count?

This morning Tom and I went out to the garden to plant some seeds. The tomatoes and peppers are doing well.

So, what CAN’T you see in the photos? 3 types of corn, yellow zucchini, radishes and 3 types of cucumbers. Hopefully in 2 weeks, I’ll be out there putting up the trellis for the cukes and wondering why I planted so much.

Let’s not forget that about 8 of those cucumbers are “payment” for the Las Vegas trip. You’ve always got to remember to pay your debts.

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