This week has been kind

This week has been kind of crazy. And I’m thinking that the trick to blogging is to post often – if I could only find the time to do it. Otherwise, I walk around, talking to myself … “I should post about this.” or “That’s definately blog-worthy.”, but by the time I can sit down and spill it all out, it’s gone!

In what I think is her 3rd try, Amy has put up a new blog. And, poor thing, she’s asked me to help her out with links and HTML.

Can someone tell me how to get my Amazon Wishlist up on my blog?

Yesterday I spend 9 hours cleaning the house. Yes, I said “9”. Vacuumed, dusted, straightened, (made an attempt at) decluttered, removed fragile items from shelves, checked plug wires, moved around cat furniture. All in an attempt to get ready for Wesley’s homecoming, on Tuesday.

Today, my back is telling me I did a bit too much. But DAMN! Even Tom came home and said the house looks nice. Too bad it can’t stay that way. It’s impossible for us to “live” in the house and maintain the look that makes me feel calm and unhurried. So, we’re going to live here. I’ll cope.

I finished my first Cedar Creek Sock on Thursday,

…and then got the next shipment of yarn and pattern, yesterday! I’ve got to start knitting faster, if I’m going to keep up with this club! I really like the pattern the colors made. Even tho I’m using a size 1 ndl., it didn’t stripe the way it “should”. But, really, does yarn know what it’s supposed to do?

And I JUST found out that there’s a KAL for the sock club. Nothing like being 4 months behind the crowd.

The new color is “Fairgrounds” and I think I’m being punished for not liking pastels. It looks like one of those tubs of sherbet that my Mom used to buy from the supermarket.

The roofer finally came by Friday morning. Gosh, only 8 days after we called to say we had a leak in our roof. I understand that’s equal to the speed of light, for roofers. Too bad we had about 5 days of rain while we waited.

Turns out there was a mistake made, when we had our roof re-done in November, and it only took the roofer 10 minutes to fix it. An hour after he finished we had a wicked thunderstorm. And I got my exercise in by running all over the house checking for leaks. A bit paranoid but it subsided after about an hour (translation: I got tired of running up and down the stairs).

So in keeping with the water theme, I took a trip to the frog pond.

My Mutant Penny BEFORE

Mutant Penny AFTER

Aaaahhhhhhh! That feels SO much better. When I’m ready, I’m going to make a
Picovoli. But that’s after I do the 2nd Cedar Creek Sock, work on my Gathering Intentions sleeve and measure Tom for his Drunken Argyle Vest.

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