I’m having problems uploading Vegas

I’m having problems uploading Vegas pictures. It’s a sign.

Back to the present.

Tom’s been working on clearing out the jungle of a vegetable garden. Remember what it looked like a month or so ago?

Here’s what it looks like now.
Compost and soil bags ready to be tilled in.

Today I got a shipment of veggies. (19 plants. Yeah, they look like garbage right now, but in about a month they’ll be beautiful…I hope.) They should be hardened off and ready to plant by Wednesday. And if it rains, it’s even better. It’s good to plant during rain. Less of a shock to the plants than planting them on a sunny day.

My socks? I turned the heel Thursday night. Not an easy thing to do with 1 circular but I soldiered on and it’s down the foot we go! Or so I thought.

We had a lot of rain on Thursday night and found out we have a leak somewhere. Might be the roof but we had a new roof installed a few months ago. Anyway, drip…drip…drip into our den. Luckily the bucket was nearby. Roofer was supposed to call on Friday – Tom took the day off from work – no call. (Who’s surprised?)More rain to come next week. dun dun DUNNNNNNN.

Upshot of that was I screwed up on the instep stitches of the sock and did more frogging on Friday, than knitting. But it’s back underway.

Wesley Watch 2006 continues. No word from the breeder so I extended the date for his pick-up – allowing more time to order goodies from Drs. Foster and Smith!

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