What have I been doing,

What have I been doing, this week?

Drooling over knitting books. (With Amy, of course.)

Getting these, in the mail. And then doing some SERIOUS drooling.

I ordered Mason-Dixon Knitting because Tom said “Go ahead. It’s your birthday.” I didn’t realize I’d want to make 4 of their designs. RIGHT. NOW.

If only I could get my hands on some Euroflax Linen yarn. Just to feel it, before ordering it on-line.

I started this PITIFUL bit of knitting. It’s a Flower Basket Shawl (What? You couldn’t see that???).

It was meant to be my travel project. I’m still not sure but I think I’m going to travel without knitting. (GASP!)

But that’s NOW. I still have, almost, 36 hours before I leave for the airport. A lot can change in 36 hours.

I played with my final birthday present. I introduce, to you, (nano) Merlot. All loaded and ready to travel.

I’ve got 11 books on there – a few of them are 23 hours long. Think that’s enough for a 6 day trip?

Don’t laugh. If I get stuck in another airport (oy, the December trip) for more than 5 hours, I’m the one that everyone is going to want to be next to.

That, and the fact that I’m packing cheese & crackers, coffee cakes and a lovely assortment of teas. First sign of bad weather and I’m starting the auction.

It’s difficult to get a good photo of the color, but this is pretty close. It’s a Prowler/Jet Black combo.

Tom ordered it from Colorware. Check them out. They can color any iPod. And you can play with colors, on their site, until your fingers fall off.

It’s true! I had my fingers re-attached 4 times, before I could decide on a color combination.

And finally, I’ve been obsessing over this. Probably enough clothes for 2 weeks – and I packed light.

I’ll be flying back on a private jet, as soon as I hit a big jackpot.

Somebody check on Tom, now and again. I’m pretty sure I can leave him alone, but once he runs out of cereal he might start to wander the streets.

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