A bit more, from our

A bit more, from our ride to Long Island.

Makes me glad that we took Tom’s Prius. It’s getting about 45 miles to the gallon.

Wesley was cute, but he didn’t really want to have anything to do with us. Being only 2 months old, he isn’t used to “strangers”. I’m sure we didn’t have his family smell.

He liked the Mobius Kitty Bed that I brought. If you ever wanted to knit one of these, DO IT! The cats LOVE the way the side bubbles out. It’s a perfect spot for them to “hide”.

When we left, he was all snuggled with one of the other kittens.

Wesley is on the left. The other kitten is 4 months old. Look at the difference in size!

I was thrilled to see this horse, outside of my credit union (yes, it doesn’t take much to make me happy)

How cute is he, with all of his pennies?

Onward to my birthday!

We went to The Crossings and had a great time, shopping.

At the London Fog store, the saleswoman kept following us around, straightening everything we had looked at. She couldn’t have waited for us to leave – with no one else in the store – before she did her thing. It got me ticked so I started shuffling things, just to keep her busy.

Passive-aggressive much?

I think Tom got more than I did, but I still did just fine! Sneakers, sandals and this beauty…
The next day, Amy (thanks for the gifts!) and I went to…The Crossings.

Did some browsing, had some lunch and went to Barnes and Noble to look at knitting books and magazines. There was only 1 new book and no new magazines – drat!

We think that people that write knitting books should WRITE FASTER. Is that too much to ask?

Knitting content? OK.

I’ve gotten this far, on my sleeve. I can only knit about 20 rows a day and then my hands start to hurt.

Oh well. That’s ok. 24 rows is a pattern repeat and I really LOVE the yarn and the pattern.

I started the Flower Basket Shawl, as my Vegas project. I’d show it to you, but it’s packed already! I’ve got all of my “stuff” packed and cross my fingers that the TSA doesn’t make me leave my knitting behind.

He doesn’t look happy and she seems to be saying “Make sure you wash under your wings, dear.”

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