Two days. That’s how long

Two days.

That’s how long it’s been, since I turned on my laptop. (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, already!)

I’ve been alternating between aching hands and annoying eyes. Toss a coin and you’ll be right.

We’ve had some random thunderstorms and I just realized that, last night, my printer (probably about a year old) got fried.

It figures that NOW is when I realize I didn’t have it plugged into a surge protector. (I know, I’m kicking myself.) So Tom is on his way to pick-up a new one. I think it’s going to be an HP 3310. We’ll see.

Any thoughts on a name for it?

I’ve gotten this far on my…for the life of me I keep forgetting the damned word…oh…INSPIRED Cable Knits, Gathering Intentions sweater. (HA! Almost typed Gathering Intestines. How fitting, with that i-cord that goes on the sleeve and hem.)

Finally decided on a size 8 needle. The cuffs are still going to be big, but not 10.5″ big. I mean, come ON. I’ve got a 5″ wrist. Do I need 10.5″ of fabric flopping around there?

When I get to the body, it will be a whole other story. But I don’t want to think about that, now. Doesn’t matter how many books I read. I’ll cross that braid (bridge) when I come to it.

No progress on the STR socks. Giving the hands a break from that.

I read some GREAT news, today. Delta will not be going on strike. That means that Sandy (my travel partner) can calm down and quit worrying. We want Sandy calm. Trust me.

Las Vegas, here we come!

I want to take a knitting project, with me. But I can’t decide on what to make.

A. Another Diamond Fantasy Scarf
B. Another Clapotis
C. The Flower Basket Shawl

I want something done on a larger-than-size-5 needle with a fairly easy-to-follow pattern/chart.

The fact that I’ve done the first 2 makes them big hits, in my book. But I want to use my Ruby River Bearfoot yarn and the FBS would look like flames…I think.

Anyone want to ring in with an opinion?

Next week will be exciting.

We are hoping to take a drive to meet Wesley, and bring him something that will pick up the smells of home.

My thought is that if I take the mobius kitty basket, it will pick up the smells of his “baby” home, so when he comes to OUR house he’ll have that to comfort him, on the ride.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my bookmark. I think it’s what Wes is going to look like. Is it strange for a grown woman to talk to a bookmark?


And it’s going to be my forty…ack…hack…cough…cough birthday, as well. No definite plans, yet. But there will be some shopping involved.

Thanks, Jess, for letting me know about THE post.

I swear that the room that Stephanie stayed in, in Pittsburgh, was the same one we stayed in. (My post on 12/20)

Anyone see “The House on Haunted Hill”? Kind of like that. But I only got to spend about 4 hours there. The room smelled like the inside of an ashtray. Unless you stuck your head under the sheets. Then it smelled like musty bleach. I’m surprised I couldn’t sleep And the juice the clerk offered us, when we checked out, made up for everything…except the 4 hours.

But I’m not bitter.

Lisa – I didn’t steal your cat. I’d remember taking a quick drive to Washington State…I’m pretty sure. Unless Giles was reincarnated as Squeek. In that case, give him back!

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