Amy is sick and I’ve

Amy is sick and I’ve got no one to play with.

Everyone send her good, healing thoughts…and chicken soup…in an envelope.

This weekend I did something that I DON’T like, so that I could meet someone I DO like.

I drove 70 minutes, on a narrow-icky-curvy road, thru the pouring rain, to get 3 books signed by Stephanie.

If it was just for me, I wouldn’t have gone. But I had Amy’s book and I also had one that I bought for my Mom, for her birthday.

So, ya see, I had to go.

The bookstore was unprepared for the whack of knitters that showed up. I can only say THANK GOODNESS it was raining!

There were lots of socks-in-progress, and quite a few people wearing beautifully knitted sweaters. A Rogue, a Sitcom Chic (modelled by Liz – Hey Liz!), and lots more.

To see my photography expertise, go over to Liz’s blog. I took that picture. OOH! AAHHH!

Everyone was touching everyone else…in a knitterly way, mind you.

Such a great group of knitters. Such a great reason to go. Stephanie was charming and funny.

When it comes to “mingling” with a celebrity, such as Stephanie, I’m a D O R K.
Swept back to when I was about 8, and Marvin Hamlish came by our house, and I ran to hide.

Stephanie, to the crowd, “I feel like I know some of you. I read some of your blogs”.

Me: “I’m sorry.” (I’m good with fast comebacks, huh?)

S: “Why, what’s your blog?”

Me: channelling Ralph Kramden on a game show “Hammenah, hammenah…uh…um…Lorenzo Knits.”

S: “Oh. What are you knitting?”

Me: “Uh. Knitting? Sweaters and socks.”

What a jackass. SWEATERS AND SOCKS!! I don’t think I’m cut out to speak to greatness.

I made my way home, thru the SNOW, and crawled back under my bridge.

The rest of the weekend I watched golf. Hooray for Phil Mickelson!

Like Tiger Woods, I grinded out some knitting.

I was swatching for the “Gathering Intentions” sweater.

It calls for “X” stitches over the cable pattern.

Since I didn’t know WHICH cable pattern, I decided to start a sleeve and get the gauge.

I did about 4 inches and the 8’s were a tich (smaller than a touch) too small.


Up to a 9. I didn’t like the look of that. Too poofy. Too few stitches.


Back to the 8’s. (grumble, grumble)

And I did a few more rounds on the STR Club socks. Just a few because my hands hurt – probably from gripping the steering wheel on Saturday.

1 weekend, 1.5″ of sweater arm and 2″ of sock.

See? Grinding.

Then Tom came home and brought me a present. Makes everything feel better, doesn’t it?

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