BEHOLD the beauty that is

BEHOLD the beauty that is the Cedar Creek Socks picot edge!

This is from the Rockin’Sock Club – Sock #1.

This yarn is so neat and sproingy.

Definition of Sproingy: To have such a spring that you can’t stop pulling on it, just to watch it spring back.

WARNING! Should not be attempted while stoned/drunk as it may take up to 4 hours before you stop sproinging.

I had a relaxing morning, at B&N, with Amy. Rotten rainy day. Sippin’ some latte. Browsin’ some knitting magazines.

We take our knitting but don’t always knit.

Today, Amy got to knit – until she ran out of yarn.

Sometimes our jaws are flapping so much that they get in the way of the needles. I KNOW that the other people that are sitting there, with their 15 book piles, just LOVE listening to us.

We are amusing.

Last time we sucked one woman into our laughter. It was a hat knitting book (no names), and I ended up showing the woman, and some poor man that just wanted to read his daily paper, some very…uh…innovative hats. Within 10 minutes we knew that this woman liked to knit and was going to Vegas for her birthday.

Knitting brings people together – even when they don’t want to be there.

Jaywalker Numero Uno – and possibly the last one I make.

I’ve seen lots of complaints about how tight these are.

I have the opposite problem. The sock has “elephant ankles” on me.
Baggy ankles. This might be why I’ve been called “Chicken Legs”.

Perhaps I will use the “less is more” way of life and only wear the one sock because, for now, this puppy is an orphan.

Now, meet Lynn. Isn’t she purty?

I found her here. You can even design your own bag, at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, with the HUGE yardage on the Socks That Rock yarn, I can’t fit the wound skein into Lynn. DOH!

I’m going to have to knit a WHOLE LOTTA SOCK so I can take it with me, tomorrow, when I get some books signed by Stephanie.(Details here)

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