What I SHOULD be doing

What I SHOULD be doing – Work

What I AM doing – Blogging.

Such a rebel.

I’ve got about 5″ of foot, on my Jaywalker (photo was taken before the 5″).

It’s going well, using 1 circular. I ended up buying a 32″ because the next length the shop had was 47″. WAY too long.

The 32″ is a good length. Just enough to work with and not too much flippity-flopping around. (It’s almost Easter, so I can use that term.)

And I bought this

And I started (I think) this sweater.

Giving my Den-M-Knit a little fresh air.

I had really wanted something done with a larger needle, so I could alternate between sock and sweater. So I’ll probably frog it. That is my custom.

It is also my custom to run from these

at rather high rates of speed.

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