So, here’s what I will

So, here’s what I will call a Mini Stash Flash.

It’s like giving a hint of leg. You know what’s in there but you just can’t see it all. (Go on, click to enlarge)

Less is More…see? (Yeah, I’m too lazy to lug it all out. And, frankly, a little scared.)

With the warm weather here, this is what I (translate “I” to “Tom”) has to look forward to. (Click to enlarge, if you have a strong tolerance to weeds)

He’s given up 2 WHOLE DAYS from golfing, so far, and plowed thru 2/3 of it. I don’t mind him golfing, I just don’t have the back required to clear the crap out of those beds.

Now it looks like this…

That’s 6 of 9 beds, cleared.

I have some hope for gardening in the near future, now. Which is a big thing, for me.

I have re-named him “King Tom”. (See what fun you can have at Chili’s? I wanted him to stick his head IN there, but he had a little complaint about the hot light bulb. Sheesh!)

I’ve placed an order for some veggies (tomatoes and peppers), and herbs (basil) already in pots. I know I can get some from garden nurseries, but not the ones I want. Being a gardener is picky business and I know what we like.

More veggies to be grown from seeds: zucchini (green and yellow), radishes, corn. We’ll see what else I may have room for, later.

So, do you know what’s growing in YOUR garden?

p.s. Have you SEEN the crap that Annie is going thru? Story starts on 3/30. GEESH!

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