Spending 40 minutes uploading photos

  • Spending 40 minutes uploading photos onto Blogger – Pain in the ass
  • Having Internet Explorer bomb and losing the whole post – Grande PITA
  • Being so pissed that you download Foxfire and then spend the next 2 hours trying to get it to “comply” – Raised Blood Pressure
  • Trying to upload the pictures AGAIN and having it bomb – Chest pains
  • Finding out that you can’t view the pictures on your own damned blog – top of head starts to tingle
  • Realizing that you shouldn’t have eaten the spicy Pasta Fagiole (heartburn – not heart attack!) AND that it’s Blogger’s f*ck-up, not yours – Priceless

Doesn’t really make it any better. And I still can’t figure out how to get photos to show, on Blogger blogs.

Anyone use Firefox, that could help me out?

OK. Onto the blog.

First shipment from the Socks that ROCK Club.

Not just a home to some really comfy shoes.

More of my recent purchases…
Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Moondance. I already had 3 skeins and ordered 3 more.

I think I’m going to give this a shot.

And I’ve loved this color for a long time. Finally bought some.

YES! It’s Ruby River (Bearfoot). Not sure if it wants to be an Ene’s Shawl or a Flower Basket Shawl or something I might find in my stash of magazines.

And finally, my Valentine’s Day Present!!!

Fantastic GPS system. I can stuff it into a tote and take it where ever I want. I can sit in my chair and plug in all of the yarn stores and then just grab it and go!

I changed the “voice” to “Australian Male”. That’s a neat feature.

I don’t need some syn-female telling me where to go. But delivered by a syn-Aussie? That’s living!

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