Wow. Time flies when you’re

Wow. Time flies when you’re not doing much of anything.

I got confused. They’re both blonde. 😀

No photo’s ’cause Blogger doesn’t like my use of negative space…ok, I’m too lazy to fuss with them.

All is well, cardiology-wise. So that’s not the reason for not posting.

Remember those great Jaywalkers? I worked on them for too long and ended up with tendonitis.

Size 1 dpn’s X knitting from leg thru the heel flap in 2 days = OUCH!


It’s finally feeling better. Hooray!

The doctor said not to knit, but we know that wasn’t going to happen.

I took out the knitting machine and spent a weekend cranking out the parts to a mini-sweater. I had something in mind and none of the magazines could fit the bill.

There was a bit of a kafluffle because I bought the yarn (Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton – discontinued) before I knew what it’s “purpose in life” was going to be. I had wanted a solid sweater but didn’t have enough yarn. I ended up making a preppy kinda stripe. You’ll see when I post the picture. Really.

It took me longer to sew the parts together – because my hands kept cramping up – than it took for me to knit them. But I did and it’s done. Just some loose ends to sew in.

Also did some more work on my Spork bag. Just a 32″ (by 14 stitch) strip to knit and I can try to felt it. Large needles and slow knitting and I should be fine.

Amy said I could do the felting at her house. Hopefully that will help avoid the “front loading wrinkles”.

Everbody say HI to Amy! She’s having a slight operation today, on a finger. So if you see her, she’s not being rude, she’s just recovering! LOL!

Because I wasn’t really able to knit, I did WAY too much yarn shopping. I’ll post a photo of all of the recent SEX. Be sure to cover your kids eyes.

Signed up with the Yahoo! Candyswappers Group. Not entirely sure how it works, but I can’t wait for the candy to start showing up – whenever there’s a swap starting.

And I finally got a Valentine’s Day present. Not because Tom didn’t get me anything. He did. But I returned it. Twice.

That’s ANOTHER photo I’ll have to put up, tomorrow. It’s a gadget. I just seem to enjoy them more than jewelry, lately. Go figure.

Are you keeping track? I think I’m up to 3 or 4 photos.

OH! Tom signed me up for the Socks That Rock Sock Club. Got my first delivery last week. Whoo-hoo! Tom thought I was going to GET socks, not yarn. But this is even BETTER!

Don’t worry. I’m going to stretch after every 2 or 3 rounds. And I’m going to try the “magic loop” method. I think it will be easier on the hands, what with the fussing over the cord and all. Just have to decide where I’m going to get the Size 1 circular.

For those that use that method: What length do you prefer? 32″, 37″, 40″?

Tom had some excitement. He went into NYC to try out for a golf challenge that’s going to be televised. He did have a brief snippet on one of the NY news channels – approx. 2.5 seconds – and I recorded it!

We’ll find out, on Monday, if he made the finals.

If you have any good golf Gods, send them a word or 2, about Tom, mmm’kay?

I’ll post more details once he gets to that point. (See? I said ONCE, not IF.)

OK. That’s all my hands can take.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 weeks, since I posted. BAD BLOGGER!

Once I get started in the garden I’ll have MORE stuff to post about (Look! A baby tomato!) and you just won’t be able to stay away.

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