SUCK-A-RONI Weekend I was SO


I was SO happy with my Jaywalker sock that I knit like the wind.

Day 2, I had half of the heel done.

And ended up with a left hand that hurt so bad I couldn’t even pick up a pen. So no knitting for days.

It also hurt to: hold my Soduku book; hold the pitcher while making latte; get dressed; turn the pages of the newspaper; use the TV remote (I am the remote-meister); and generally do ANYTHING with my left hand.

EXCEPT type. I can’t figure that one out.

Yesterday I took one of Tom’s anti-inflammatory pills, (Yeah, I did it. Turn me in.)and was able to work on my SPORK bag. I figured the size 10 ndls. would be easier to handle. And since I can knit backwards, no purling or difficult maneuvering. Until the pill wore off.

Let’s add in that I slept 2 hours, last night, until the period cramps hit. I finally got up, at 3AM, and came downstairs for another pill. I had a bowl of cereal (can’t take strong stuff on an empty stomach) and took ANOTHER of his pills.

I have no idea why I took an anti-inflammatory pill for cramps! I can only say I was so STUPID with pain, that I never even thought twice.

But that would be a really good reason for the why I never really got back to sleep. My left hand, tho, felt pretty good!

When Tom’s alarm went off at 4AM, I was AWAKE. So I watched cartoons until around 5AM (let’s hear a big HOORAY! for “The Angry Beavers”) and then attempted to sleep.

By 9AM I realized it was a TOTAL waste of time.

So I dragged myself downstairs and forced more food in and took one of those “12 hour” Midol. They don’t really last 12 hours, for me. More like 6.

Yup, I SO enjoy being a girl!

I did get to spend a lot of time on-line. Looking at yarn and patterns. (Kinda stupid, considering I can’t knit and have TONS of yarn and patterns.)

I sure am looking forward to this week. It’s GOT to be better than the weekend.

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