Green yarn come, green yarn

Green yarn come,
green yarn go.

Wave bye-bye to the green yarn.

It made me sneeze,
it made me wheeze.
It linted on me,
like it had fleas.
(yeah, I know, really bad poetry. Deal.)

I’m taking it back this week…or next.

I started – and frogged – about 5 different projects, this weekend. Just one of those things where nothing seemed to be right. Nothing grabbed me and said “You WILL continue to knit me”. So I didn’t. What a mess, in the craft room!

It was great watching the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. Then I found out that, even tho I was watching Season 2, I had missed about 12 episodes. How am I gonna catch up on those?????

And to make it worse, I got Tom hooked and HE hasn’t seen ANY of Season 2. And he wants to see them N O W!!

What have I done?

Started working on my Spork, on Sunday. Here’s the progress:

I’m using Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Kiwi (lighter green), Oregano and – soon to come – Aubergine.

Yesterday, Amy and I went to our knitting meeting. It’s a sad little thing. We were the only ones there. But we had a good time (right, Amy?). Barnes & Noble never dissapoints!

Right up until Amy (working on her Jaywalkers) snapped one of her dpn’s. She wasn’t in her happy place. We went next door, to Michael’s, to see if they had any.

Who were we kidding?

But we did have some fun laughing at the yarns. We are not “fun fur people”.

When I got home, I had a bug up my butt (not literally, you see) about the Jaywalkers.

Ran upstairs and pulled out all of my sock yarn.

Ran downstairs and spent about 90 minutes, on the internet, looking at sock yarn.

Ordered MORE sock yarn (Lorna’s Laces in Black Purl).

THEN I started a pair of Jaywalkers, using my Lorna’s Laces in Embers.

VOILA! Can you spot Tom?

I started the socks so I would have something small to take to the doctor’s office.

And I did.

Slight communication problem, at the Cardiologist office. He wanted me to have a monitor when I went in on 2/7 – for 1 – 2 weeks – and wrote down “1 – 2 weeks”. Scheduler thought that mean I would get the monitor “IN” 1 – 2 weeks, and had me go in TODAY.

But my symptoms are gone and there was no reason to have the monitor, blah, blah, blah.

Hey, at least I’m not DEAD because of their slight goof-up.

And I had the Echo cardiogram done. Baby steps.

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