Windy, windy day. Move closer

Windy, windy day.

Move closer to the monitor and let me warm you with my new yarn.

On Wednesday, Amy and I went to Mountain Knits and Purls, in East Stroudsburg.

Fortified with lattes, we took the 40 minute drive for yarn-fondling fun.

I decided to make the Drunken Argyle Vest for Tom.

MK&P has a great selection of Dalegarn. I bought 7 different colors, of the Baby Ull, so Tom could play with the combinations and make a decision. You might say he was in”vest”ed in finding the right color-way.

Black/Light Blue/Kiwi

The choice was “all” his. The fact that I didn’t bring home any shade of peach helped a lot! (I hate peach.)

While Amy looked at yarn, I had to be polite and check out the other yarns.

I found this for making the Flower Basket Shawl.

Claudia Hand Painted Yarns/Sport Weight/100% Merino/Color: Santa Fe

I was going to use it for “Beauty and the Bias” but decided to use my Mountain Colors for that shawl…later.

Unfortunately, (ha-ha) I had to take another trip up to MK&P, today, so I could exchange the unwanted colors of the Baby Ull and return 2 of the lighter shaded “Claudia” for 1 darker shaded hank.

Not wanting to seem unfriendly, I also left with some Dale “Sisik” (lovely wool/mohair/acrylic) in a nice acid-y green. (While checking my photos, the image brought to mind “green olives w/pimento”. Lovely. Makes me want to check my teeth for the red bits.)

And, oh, the patternbook for this Dale sweater. It might not look like it, but the yarn I bought is the same color as the sweater in the patternbook.

I mean, WHO buys yarn without a pattern (chuckle)?

Uh-oh. Just realized I didn’t buy any contrasting yarn. Good thing Amy wants to back next week.

A cast-on here,
and a cast-on there….(kind of fitting with all of the “animals” in the kitty tree. When’s the kitty getting here?????)

So, what is everyone else doing this weekend?

And, why does my crossword look like this, 40% of the time, when I print it out?

It’s an Acrobat download. When I print it again, 2 seconds later, it prints out just fine!

I mean, I enjoy doing my Sunday puzzle, but I’m not good enough to finish THIS.

Oh, don’t forget to keep on cheering-on the Olympic Knitter’s.
Come on teams! Bring home the GOLD!!!

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