So I’m sitting at the

So I’m sitting at the computer, wondering “What is that SMELL?!?!”.

Realized it’s my knitting.

Yes, my knitting stinks, sometimes.

But, today, I’m felting the last few pieces of my Weekend Getaway Satchel, (I’m even sick of typing it) and the lovely “odor” of wet wool. Oh my stars!

Some days, you wish your decongestant wouldn’t work so well.

I planned it so the 2nd wash (I have to put the Wool of the Andes thru 2 wash cycles for a nice, tight felt) will be done just as Tom is getting home from work. He knows what will be waiting for him. He knows he’s going to have sore fingertips tomorrow. And he’s READY!

Almost done with Clappy.

I’m on the 3rd repeat of the decrease rows and on the 4th (and last) skein of my Lion and Lamb.

Last week I received some Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton (from Jimmy Beans). Didn’t know what I’d do with it (no surprise there). So I went on the neverending internet ride of Knitty Archives.

I finally settled on making T3. I like when there’s a bunch of calculations before the knitting begins. This pattern gave me that!

I only worked on T3 for 2 days

and then went back to Clappy. Now that I’ve got about 5″ done, I’m thinking about slapping it on the knitting machine to finish the back. Or not.

This coming week will include:

Doctor appointment.
Some iPod shopping.
Scoping out a not-so-local health club (the sizes of the local places – pitiful)
A possible meet-up with Amy. A little food, a little knitting. Maybe some yarn shopping.

Yes. I know. It’s more than 1 woman deserves. I lead a charmed life.

p.s. Who knew the internet Gods were so picky? I mean, a little thing like typing in H-T-L-M instead of H-T-M-L and the link doesn’t work? 😀 All fixed now. Sorry Maggie!

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