Well, I watched (and own),

Well, I watched (and own), all of the Babylon 5 series, so I think this was kind of neat.

On the knitting side of life…..

Last night, I asked Tom if it would be OK to rip out his green golf vest. The one that took me about 6 months to finish.

It “looks” beautiful. All of those lovely cables. In COTTON, mind you.

Here, I’ll show you…

I thought I could re-do it into a much more “user friendly” vest.

Here were my reasons:

-The front is MUCH heavier than the back, because of the full cabled front and ribbed back.

-It’s too long.

-Because I didn’t do any ribbing, at the bottom, it slightly flares out. ICK.

-I’m not happy with it.


Then, I realized (this morning) that I CAN’T rip it. When I had made the vest, the shoulders were too wide and I CUT IT into a narrower shoulder. Then (my Mom) I sewed on some lovely bias (?) tape to cover the little cut stubbles of yarn.

So, what I thought would be an easy rip would, really, be an easy rip to the armpits and then lots of lengths of cut yarn. OH, VALIUM, STAT!

With love in my heart, I searched for another pattern.

While spending WAY too much time on-line, I found this and told Tom I’d make it. How insane am I?

Have I forgotten the “intense joy” I have with intarsia?

It is a cool vest, tho.

And THEN, I thought, “What if I used a self-striping sock yarn, for one of the colors? How neat would that be?”.

Then I whacked myself in the head with a 2X4 plank. When I woke up I thought I saw fairies. But it was only the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

I really want to make it.

The PDF file for the front chart is 9 pages. 9 PAGES!!!

Why on earth would I be having stress?

I really DO want to make it.

p.s. I’m so SICK of Blogger! I insert a photo and it doesn’t show up. I tell it to BOLD the type (click on the freaking “b”) and it doesn’t and THEN gives me lip and tells me MY html is wrong. I add 1 “return” and it gives me 2 paragraph spaces. FED UP, I TELL YOU.

And, now, I see the graphics for my knitting tracker aren’t there. But that’s probably another matter.


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