Not bowling today. Had a

Not bowling today. Had a rough afternoon, yesterday, around the house. We had that fireplace insert, installed.

The installers turned it on and said “It will take about 4 hours for it to burn-in.”

They failed to explain that “burn-in” meant the whole house would fill with the smell of the exhaust of a dozen 18-wheelers. Oh, and that it would be setting off the smoke detector for the first hour.

I wasn’t home, at the time of installation. I was enjoying the morning, hanging out with Amy (thanks for breakfast!).

I got home about 10 minutes after they had turned it on. The smell was so bad I went into “hysteria-mode”. The upstairs (bedrooms) was much worse than the main floor – which was unbearable, for me. Tom and I opened ALL of the windows and doors and proceeded to heat the neighborhood, for the next 4 hours.


I had to leave the house. Spent most of the time in my car, in my driveway, crying. I have a SUPER sensitive sense of smell, so let’s just say that I was smelling bad, yesterday. (Today I might be able to laugh at that.) Freaking out over having to strip the bed so everything (2 wash loads, that I had just done 2 days earlier) could be washed before we tried to get to sleep. Not to mention thinking of how long the damned smell would linger in the house.

POOR TOM stayed home and frantically called everyone he could think of, including the manufacturer of the fireplace insert. They told him it would take UP TO 10 HOURS for the burn-in period. SON OF A BITCH!

If they had told us that when be bought it, we would have waited for Spring, so we wouldn’t freeze ourselves out while the house was open and the fire was burning.

And Tom, he’s really a SAINT, explained FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME that it wasn’t the logs that smelled. It was the paint on the cast-iron that had to “burn-off” and “cure”. CURE!

SO…this morning, I woke up with a raging headache. Feels like someone tried to remove my left eyeball with a spoon. Dr. Frankenstein – pronounced Fraaaahnkenschteen – I presume.

On the small electronics front, Tom and I are still trying to learn how to use our newest (torture) toys.

Meet Larry

He’s kinda friendly. He also enjoys laughing at me when I try to do “technical” stuff…like make a damned phone call!

So, enough of the bitch-fest. On to the knitting!

Here’s my Diamond Fantasy Scarf. Before and after blocking. I really LOVE it. Again, it’s Art Yarns, Ultramerino 4, in color 114. 2 hanks with leftover yarn. Size 6 needle.

I did the Scarf size and, when I put it on, the point comes to the top of my jeans. Large enough for me!

OH MY GOSH!! How could I forget to add that Tom helped me block my DFS? Such a doll!

AND I started my Clapotis. Lorna’s Laces “Lion and Lamb” in Jeans. I’m running out of my markers (must make MORE) and I’m only up to the 6th repeat of the 2nd section. It’s an easy pattern to follow – and remember. What do you think?

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