Over 2 weeks since a

Over 2 weeks since a half-way decent post? Oy vey!
(And by “half-way decent” I mean something with content. Interesting? It’s up to you!)

Wanna catch up? Ok, let’s!

I give you Ruby Ann.

No, she’s not mine. She’s the latest addition to Amy’s family. And she’s so cute I thought I’d give you a gander. (Hope that’s OK, Amy!)

Went to my in-laws’ 55th Anniversary party.

Here they are, with 4 of their 5 children. (#5’s plane got turned around – CURSE YOU, FOG!)There were 14 of us (kids, grandkids, spouses, significant others). Lots of talking, LOTS of food.

Took lots of photos, ate great Italian food, got food poisoning, stayed at the hotel I worked in (20-something years ago) and saw 2 of the guys I worked with, saw my parents (and exchanged Holiday and Anniversary gifts), hit no traffic (into or out of NY).

Here’s a shot of some of the photographers.

Hey, anyone can take photographs of a table with food. I like the “behind the scenes” shots.

The following week we went to Atlantic City, for a 2-night stay. Didn’t win “big” but came home with money. Tom had better luck but still nothing major.

I DID hit one machine for 720 coins (quarters – on $40 played). That was a chance thing.

See, I usually play 1 coin at a time. It extends the time I can play on a slot and gives me a better chance at hitting something. (That’s how I won $200 last April, in Vegas) Tom came over to see how I was doing, and I wasn’t paying attention to the machine. I hit the “Bet One Coin” twice, by mistake. AND IT HIT!! We both thought I broke the machine because it went past the 160 coins that my 1 coin bet would have won. We were shocked. When it stopped at 360 coins, Tom realized that I had bet 2. THE ONLY TIME I BET 2 COINS.

OK, maybe not exciting for YOU. But for ME, big stuff.

Got the Vegas trip all settled. Even bought tickets to see Ka at the MGM Grand.

I’m almost done with my Diamond Fantasy Shawl. Just the I-cord bind off and blocking. Then a-picture I will post.

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this shawl and am tempted to make another. But I’ll put that thought into making the Flower Basket Shawl, instead.


And I want to start my Clapotis!!!

I know, I KNOW! I have a few UFO’s.

Yeah, I’ll get to them! Stop nagging!

OK. That’s about it for the “excitement” around here the past few weeks.

Tomorrow we’re getting a sealed fireplace insert, installed. Can’t wait for that. It should ensure warm weather for the rest of the season.

The “Just Washed My Car” rule, don’t ya know.

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