Quicky, fast, eyes-a-blinkin’, down and

Quicky, fast, eyes-a-blinkin’, down and dirty, Friday post.

I was going to post photos of Amy, modelling her Baby Cashmere Aibhlinn (gosh, I’d put a link to her blog, but she won’t tell me what it’s called ;-D ), and the Baby ALPACA Aibhlinn (gifted to Amy’s daughter).


Because, now, my camera card and computer aren’t on speaking terms. No idea why and I don’t have the time to pull out my hair.

Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. (a la Dana Carvey)

Thanks to Jess, I don’t have to rip my Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I’m on my 3rd repeat and it’s smooth knitting.

Also, thanks to Abi. Yup. Have to move the markers. They’re more like a “suggestion”, rather than a rule.

Seeing as how there’s no huge snow storm, we’re going to NY tomorrow, for the weekend. Traffic Gods be kind!

I finally get to give my parents their holiday gifts/anniversary gifts, as well. I hate hurried visits, but we will only have time between arriving at our hotel and leaving for Toms parents (insert apostrophes at will – here, use these ””’) anniversary party.

I also found out that I’m going to Vegas, again, with my bowling buddy. Watch out Vegas, I can’t control her! She keeps telling her husband that she’s going to pick up a Marine (never happen – she’s harmless).

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I hope I have one, too!

Ah! 3 hours, one latte and a magazine later….

I give you Amy (go on – guess where we were),

Striped Aibhlinn

And the next Aibhlinn-to-be (for me!)

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