This week, I met up

This week, I met up with Amy and gave her the “Mystery Knit”. It was Aibhlinn, made out of Elann Baby Cashmere.

Amy had given me the yarn a few months ago. That’s not “re-gifting”, right?

It’s a yummy yarn and Aibhlinn is an addictive knitting project, I’ve gotta say!

Being a Supreme Ditz, I forgot to take a picture of it! Hopefully she’ll get a shot of it, or I’ll catch her wearing it and get my own photo.

I started another, using some “onesies” of baby alpaca.

Tom took me to my LYS, today. Too bad it was closed for inventory! Stupid Inventory! I need MORE baby alpaca!!!

But I did see these sights…

Aibhlinn, about to leave a Prius. An environmentally correct knitting project!

The urban Aibhlinn, about to enter the local Starbucks.

The rarely seen Satchel Pelt. Freshly skinned and hung on a box.

What have you seen in YOUR travels?

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