This greeted me yesterday. What

This greeted me yesterday.

What is it?


Yes, that’s right. Tom has started a new tradition. Now we have Lenny, presenter of Chanukah cards (and hogger of water in the tub).

I went to my knitting meeting, today. Only no one else showed up. And I showered!

I wish Amy had been there, but she had a “family thing”.

Actually, I was told that it wasn’t a “formal” meeting time, because of the holiday. But DAGNABBIT! I wanted to sit and relax and knit!

Wasn’t too big of a deal, tho. I got myself a toasted bagel and a latte, and sat and read knitting books and magazines, for about an hour. Then I wandered around and bought a few things. Just didn’t do any knitting.

Then I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found this…

Isn’t it cool? It’s a menorah! No, I’m not very conventional. And, OY, the sale!

Tom told me wrap it up as my 2nd night gift! AWWWWW! What a guy!

I guess it’s only fair, since I opened about 5 gifts yesterday for Christmas. And then 1 more for Chanukah! hee-hee.

Happy Happy, everyone!

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