Tuesday is Achoo! Day OR

Tuesday is Achoo! Day


No knitting content but a tale of our travels


Laurie bitches

Back from Vegas a little lighter but not in the red. That’s considered a good trip!

I have a cold, tho. Probably caught it from “Mr. Ebola”, that was sitting next to Tom, on the long leg of our flight back. You know the type. He kept coughing and I kept cringing.


We got stopped by security, on our way to the plane, on our way out of town.

Turns out that Sonicare toothbrushes have metal in them, that looks like razors, on the scanner.

Just so you know, for the next trip you’re planning.


Did no knitting on the plane. Listened to our iPods. Fell asleep and kept having to back-up our books to the spot BEFORE we fell asleep. Quite a time waster!

We walked our feet off, this trip. Last time we went out we were trying to get in everything that people told us we HAD to see. This time I wanted to take Tom around and show him what I learned, when I went in April.

We covered Bally’s, Paris, Alladin (and the Desert Shops, there), Bellagio, Caesar’s (and a tiny section of the Forum – a HUGE designer mall. I’m talking Jimmy Choo, Dolce and Gabbana, La Perla, Harry Winston, Fendi, Escada, etc.), The Mirage, Treasure Island.

And we donated a bit of our money to each place, just so we didn’t show favorites. But the best slots we played were at Bally’s and Treasure Island.

Took some photos of the “Sigfreid and Roy” white tiger. So beautiful but it looked kinda lonely.

We saw Mystere (the longest running Cirque du Soliel show) at Treasure Island. It was fabulous!

Before the show begins they have entertainment, in the form of a jokester, walking thru the audience. He started talking to Tom, which got Tom right into the swing of things. Luckily we were already seated because he was showing people to the wrong seats, walking them all around the stage and then tossing their tickets into the air and walking away.

They also have photographers taking pictures of couples, for souvenirs. But I didn’t get the point of that. It’s just a photo of a couple, in seats, with other peoples legs behind your heads.

It could be a baseball stadium, for all anyone knows. So when the photog came to us I said “No thanks. I don’t want my husband to find out.” Worked like a charm.

And we learned that, at a fast clip, it takes 45 minutes to get from Treasure Island to Bally’s. The temperature at night was in the upper 30’s and we weren’t dressed for that!

On our last day we decided to get to the airport early and see if we could get an earlier flight.

NO PROBLEM! We would arrive 1 1/2 hours earlier. Great!


We were chosen for a “random” search.


We flew into Pittsburgh minutes before our connecting flight was to take off. RAN, RAN, RAN – stubby legs flying – the 10 or so miles to our gate. (Yes, I might be exaggerating about the number of miles). Luckily we had checked all of our luggage so there was no hauling involved.

You’ve heard of a guy named Murphy, right? And his great Laws?

Our flight was delayed from 8:40 PM to 9:15. OK. We can rest and I could let my throbbing shins take a break.

9:30 we got onto the tiny plane. 36 seater. Me with just my t-shirt because I didn’t realize it was a tiny plane – which meant a walk outside, into the snowy night.

9:45 we got off the plane, back thru the slush on the tarmac. (Don’t worry, I had my hoodie back on, by then).

Bad weather in Allentown – our destination.

Where the heated waterbed waited to soothe our weary bones.

All of the shops closed about 9:15PM. No food in sight. I’m a foodie, and always need to know where my next munchie is coming from.

Flights going East being cancelled around us. We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Midnight. Flight cancelled. CRAP!

Luckily, earlier, Tom had gone up and asked about the next day’s flights and was put on the 8AM flight, just in case.

By the time they cancelled our flight, the next earliest flight available was 12:11PM.

Scramble to find a room. Some crappy Comfort Inn that said they didn’t have any non-smoking rooms (Tom has asthma and we’re both allergic), but the room they had for us had been “cleaned” and was now a non-smoking room.

NOTE: If anyone tells you a room has been “cleaned” to be non-smoking…RUN!!!!!

This room smelled so bad, my eyes burned. It was already 1:15AM. And we had to make a reservation for the shuttle back to the airport at 5:45AM – which meant a 5:15 wake-up call.

Screw it. We’re sleeping here.

And, oh, that great idea of mine? To check ALL of our bags? Meant that we had no pills, no eye medicine, no clean clothes. Not even a comb. No toothbrush.

Shins still throbbing and “no food” panic setting in, I cursed Murphy…and ground my teeth.

At that point I said “Serves them right, if I smell. Damned tiny plane that can’t fly in snow.”
(I didn’t really blame the airline. I’d rather they were safe than sorry. And it turns out there was some really bad weather happening here.)

We could have gone and gotten our luggage but that meant we would have had to check everything again, and the morning would be a zoo because of all of the cancelled flights. NAH.

I figured everyone would look like they were dragged thru a war-zone.

Passengers of cancelled flights UNITE!

DAMNED if some of those people didn’t look like they had slept a good 9 hours and then were showered, dusted with “America’s Next Top Model dust” and pressed before heading to the airport on the wings of fairies!

US? Couldn’t even turn on the light, in the bathroom, of the crappy hotel. It was connected to a fan which sounded like a freight train. I felt guilty about waking up another hotel guest. (Can you say STUPID?)

So I probably had eye crusties and drool on my face. Actually, no drool. Didn’t sleep the WHOLE 3 1/2 hours that I had before our wake-up call. Besides the smell in the room, we were at the front of the hotel. That meant being serenaded by snow plows in the parking lot and on the highway.

I fell asleep about 4:45AM.

At the airport, we found a coffee place and got in line. I moved out of line to check out the “food” selection. Tom followed me. Then I got back in line.

Only it wasn’t the line for the coffee place.

It was a line for a flight boarding for Philly.

Oh, Murphy, you scamp!

We both got a good laugh out of that one. “Blog moment.”, I said.

We made it home!!! It was really better getting home the next day because the temp. had heated up and melted the snow and ice off of our car. No scraping needed. Just get in and go. (Please, for the LOVE OF GOD, GOOOOOO!)

I made a mad dash for the shower (Tom had to go back out for his allergy shots)…and then the waterbed…and sporadically surfaced until some time Saturday, when Tom had to be at work.

Don’t worry. I don’t think it affected my sleep.

But I stayed home and let the Typhoid Flu fester in my body. Watching…waiting.

I AM doing some knitting, but I can’t tell you about it. You know…the walls have eyes type of thing. (I know it’s “ears” but when reading, it’s “eyes”… oh, forget it!)

I’m trying to limit my on-line time (for my eyes) so I’ll put up pictures on Friday.

And what’s this I hear? About some guy named Santa Claus? With all of the songs in the airports, I think he’s coming to town.

I hope his flight isn’t cancelled.

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