I think my house has

I think my house has dandruff. It’s the ONLY explanation I will accept for the white stuff I see floating around outside.

There’s not much knitting being done around here. A few rounds on Tom’s new combo-mitts. He chose the contrasting color for the fingers…I’m just saying.

Some “mystery” knitting. (It’s hidden in the satchel – yes, still unfelted.)

I decided to make kitty beds for my brother’s 2 cats so I bought more of the Mauch Chunky yarn. One bed will be eggplant/shitake (gray) and the other will be bing cherry/spice. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog. The one time I told him about it (being so proud that I HAD one and had done so many changes TO it) he kind of deflated me by calling it a “Blab” and “What the heck does BLOG stand for, anyway?”. He probably thinks my knitting is a nice little craft, too. Well, I STILL want to make the beds. So there!

I’ve got a nice little pile of cards to write out. Last year I designed and printed out all of the cards – it took about 2 weeks. This year, store bought – I’m sure everyone will live. I think I’m going to easy route, tho. Printed labels. Yup. The little Jewish girl that has to do ALL of the holiday cards because her hubby’s handwriting looks like a twitchy mess.

Another reason for going the printed label route? I’m too busy thinking about, and getting ready for, MY TRIP TO VEGAS.

Got my LIST all done.

Got my airplane reading ready. Very heavy stuff, as you can see.

Got the iPod all loaded w/books. Even have knitting for the plane.

I think I’m packing MORE for the plane ride than for the 4 days I’ll be away! Maybe I should just stay on the plane?

Random thoughts…


Brad adopting Angelina’s kids?

People are STILL listening to Howard Stern?

Store stampedes for gifts for the holidays? (Ah, the TRUE meaning of Christmas.)

Some woman suing Pizza Hut?

Well, gotta get moving. I want to do some knitting today. But right now, I’ve got to slap my bird. Oh BEHAVE! I’m talking about THIS bird…yum, chicken.

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