Some people might be saying

Some people might be saying “Where’s she been all week?”.

Most people are probably saying “Laurie WHO?”.

So, for the former 3, I’ll tell you!

Wednesday we found out that the home biz web site was FUBAR. (If you don’t know what that is, e-mail me and I’ll fill you in.)

I’ve been fighting with the website program for months. The final straw was that someone posted onto a group list, instead of e-mailing Tom directly, with the complaint about the site.

I understand if you’re having a problem seeing something. But is it necessary to spread the rotten news all over the place? Why not go to the source with a gentle note?

Upshot was I was royally PISSED and frustrated to tears. We had the hosting company pull the site all-together. F em. Not happy with the site? Take THAT!!!

Of course, I now had the “joy” of rebuilding the site, from scratch. In a brand new program I didn’t know.

8 – 10 hours on Wednesday, 8 – 10 hours on Friday. Put up the “down and dirty” version today but still have about another 10 hours of typing to do, to finish it.

THAT’S where I’ve been! (Now, if you’re just dying to check it out, here it is…tell your friends! LOL!)

In between that work, Tom told me he lost one of the glove/mitts I made for him, about 3 years ago. The snowflake was done in glow-in-the-dark yarn with a duplicate stitch.

Luckily we had rented a few movies (Willie Wonka, Bobby Jones Story, Fever Pitch, Yours Mine and Ours – the original) for Thanksgiving. I immediately ran upstairs and got some left over Wool of the Andes and started a new pair.

The movies made the knitting go faster. Of course, I started with the wrong size dpn’s, frogged about 3″, started again (also wrong size), frogged and started the whole thing over once more. Here’s the progress…

I’m using “Winter Night” for the glove and “Mist” for the flap. Sure hope I have enough to finish the hand section. If not, they’re going to be chunky sections of color. It’s what he gets for losing one BUT…

When he got to work yesterday, he said he found the missing glove!!! So, I knit them now, as a spare pair. Having a back-up never hurts!

Hey! Anybody see Fred Funk in a skirt (Golf on ABC), just now? Quite the fashion plate!

And…Debbie in Vegas (you pinned my FrappMap) how’s the weather? I’ll be out there in a few weeks!

Well, I’d love to sit and chat but I have to get back to that web-site.

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