It was a pretty uneventful

It was a pretty uneventful week.

Monday – Knitting Meeting at Barnes and Noble.

Tuesday – Hung out in Barnes & Noble, with Tom.

Wednesday – Met Amy (holla!), at Barnes & Noble. I finished knitting the kitty mobius bed.

Thursday – Bowled by myself, against the “ghost” team. Not enough teams for an even amount so every once in a while you have to bowl against the empty team. My other 2 team-mates weren’t there, either. It took me 45 minutes to bowl the 3 games. I left while the rest of the teams were finishing up their first game. Tom brought me a latte from Barnes and Noble.

Friday – Withdrawal from being away from Barnes and Noble.

I wanted to post pictures of the un-felted kitty bed. A scuffle ensued. So, I present…
Tom in the Mobius Kitty Bed.

Me in the Mobius Kitty Bed.

Who looks better?

Mobius on the kitchen floor. I think Tom has a “problem”.

But I can’t put my finger on it…

Then Fat Cat got into the act.

And little gray kitty couldn’t be left out.

Which brings me to Saturday. The day that I wish I had a 300-lb. gorilla in the closet. I’d take him out for “felting” days. Geeze, my upper body can’t stand this. When I do the felting on the Weekend Getaway Satchel, Tom’s going to be home, to help. Count on it.

Felted slippers. I made these AT LEAST a year ago. Can’t remember the yarn. It may have been called Kangaroo…NO! Outback! That’s it!

I made these for Tom, but when I pulled them out of the washer (1 cycle) it took me 45 minutes to pull them to this size. I even stuck my foot in them and they were snug. So I took my Birkenstock sandals and stuffed them inside.

I’m pretty sure these are going to be mine. NO WAY I could get Toms’ Birkies into them.

Then, another hour or so later, I had manhandled the kitty bed enough to do this

I even stood inside the bed and PULLED up. I can feel the muscles screaming, already.

The bed took 1 cycle in the washer. I highly recommend Kraemer’s Mauch Chunky yarn! 2 plus skeins of the purple (Eggplant) and 1 full skein of the gray (Portobello).

Great idea, from the book, to put a wheelbarrow inner tube inside. Tom bought me an 18″ inner tube from Home Depot. WONDERFUL alternative to stuffing it with paper or plastic bags.

How can I find things to blow-up and put in felted slippers? (Keep it clean, will ya?)

What about bulb-shaped to put into felted pocketbooks?

I see a “challenge” for Martha’s Apprentice groups.

I can’t wait to see how it looks once it’s un-tubed. And, since it only took me 5 days to knit this, I can’t wait to start another one. But a larger one.

When our kitty-to-be is full grown, there’s a good chance he’ll be in the 20-lb. range.

Off I go, to traction…I mean knit.

And, HEY, did you put your pin in my Frapp Map? There are only 2 pins in the West. Does that mean that the Earth will tilt towards the East if the eastern bloggers ate more?

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