Yesterday I did the ribbing

Yesterday I did the ribbing on my 2-toned sweater back. It took me about 3 hours. I was sitting on this stool,

so I wouldn’t have to crouch like a baseball catcher. (Foreshadowing with cute pictures)

Later on, after sitting in my “comfy chair” (in the den, where I blob at night), I found I no longer had a functioning lower back. Felt like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. I kept making those “old person” noises as I walked up the stairs. OY! Such pain. You should have seen me trying to wash my face. WIDE V-legged split down to the sink. Splashing water as high as I could, while bracing my elbows on the sink edge. COMICAL!

On the up-side, I did (bathe) clean the counter at the same time. Multi-tasker, that’s what I am!

I also started my felted kitty bed from “A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting”.

I’m using Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky yarn. 60% New Zealand Wool/40% Domestic Wool. I can’t believe how soft it is! I’m using the colors Portobello and Eggplant.

It only took me 3 hours to figure out the mobius cast-on. That included an hour on-line, looking for a visual tutorial. I found one but it didn’t look right to me after I did about a dozen “scoops”. So I persevered and finally got it. Sometimes I’m a tad slow – but persistent. (And I also like to use long words that start with “P”, apparently.)

Today I have one of those heat-wrap thingies on my lower back. I couldn’t use one last night because we have a heated waterbed. I tried to use a heat-wrap, over night, and it felt like I was being scalded. Children – always read the label. That place that says “Do not use with other source of heat”, it’s there for a reason!

I’m still going to try to do the ribbing on the front of my sweater. I’m stubborn, too! I’m just going to be very careful about my posture while crouching down next to the table. uh…yeah

Amazing Race Rant

I stuck it at the bottom so you can skip if you’re not an AR fan

And, hey, how much worse do you think the Weaver family can get?

First THIS and then just a few of the Weaver’s high points on the last episode of Amazing Race.

  • “It’s greater to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not. We’re being ourselves and we’re being hated for it. Why make these buddy-buddy friends? No, we’re competitors.” Who said it? A Weaver, of course.
  • The Weavers cornered DJ Paolo and demanded to know why they were Yielded. DJ said, “We were definitively trying to knock a team out.” After offering to “be friends,” mom Weaver threatened DJ while blinking violently: “Well you don’t have any Yields left, and we do, sweets.” Very Christ-like.
  • “What state are we in again?” Linda Weaver asked. Phoenix, sweets.
  • The Weavers had to do yet another racetrack task. “Your dad would be proud of you guys. Just think about that,” one of the Godlewski sisters told Rebecca Weaver, throwing an arm around her shoulders. Moments later Rebecca said, “I hate the desperate housewives. They’re just so annoying, and they lie.”
  • Incapable of letting five minutes pass without trashing another team, the Weavers pointed out a garbage truck and asked if the Paolos were inside it. And then they made fun of the garbage truck driver, who they didn’t even know, calling him “Arizona’s finest.” The irony, of course, is that those four will probably never do anything as valuable and important as that garbage man does every day.
  • “They’re throwing garbage,” a Godlewski said as they drove past the Weavers, which had prompted a Weaver girl to hurl food or something else out their SUV’s window. Was Jesus a litterer?
  • A park ranger told the Linzs that the Weavers were “talking a whole lot of smack” about them. Even people who’ve known the Weavers for mere seconds think they’re jerks.
  • “Those people are, like, classless,” one of the Weaver girls said. Then she burst into tears and admitted what really upset them: they’re the only team “trying to live a Christian life,” and the other teams “cuss.” Well, fuckin’-a.

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