As promised, here are the

As promised, here are the pictures of my KIP’s.

Aibhlinn – about 3″ done. I decided to make half as many bobbles than the original pattern. Figured I’d use less yarn that way.

My choice for “easy knitting” times. Like when my eyes bother me so much that I can’t really see well. But I can still k3, p3!

Forbes Forest – about 17″ done.

I’ve used most of a skein of Gems Merino. I figure that when the first skein is done, I’m half way thru. Even tho I have to use the chart for every row, it’s still a “soothing” kind of knitting. Cable here, popcorn there. Very enjoyable.

LK 150 2-toned sweater – Sorry it’s blurry.
And the edges DO like to roll. But it’s the fronts and sleeves, all the same. I’m going to work on the body ribbing today.

The ribbing and roll at the end of the sleeves (both of them) took me about 3.5 hours. I wouldn’t call that “fast” knitting.
The ribbing takes time to drop the stitches and then manually re-hook them up. And the lighting, where I work, is crummy. I have an Ott light that my Mom bought me and will put it behind me today, while I work. Should make it a bit easier.

I hope everyone has a “ball” this weekend.

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