Last weekend…… Nice travel weather

Last weekend……

Nice travel weather for the drive to West Springfield, MA., on Friday. Icky, cold and rainy for the rest of the weekend.

Peggy brought some beautiful hand knit shawls and hand/machine knit sweaters but wouldn’t let me take pictures of them. She, and her knitting, shall remain “anonymous”. (Everybody wave at Peggy)

Could she be in the (Knitter’s) Witness Protection Program? I’ll never tell! But I got her to snack after dinner (I’m a bad influence) just a bit. She put up a good fight, tho.

OK. Here’s my SEX from 2.5 hours of shopping at WEBS. Peggy and I combined purchases, to reach the 25% discount. Yeah. I know. I didn’t need any help hitting the $120 mark.

Looks like I’m going to have to do some re-arranging in the cubes.

ArtYarns Ultramerino – fingering

Reynolds Odyssey – a scarf for Tom (his choice of pattern)

Jo Sharp DK Wool Heather – LK150 sweater. I got a “10” bag and then 3 extras, “just in case”.

Charisma – for one of my dozen or so felted bag patterns

Beautiful, gorgeous, charcoal yarn. A WEBS 4/8 merino/tencel. 500 yards per skein! I found it in a box in the warehouse – no label, just tied together w/string. I wasn’t sure what color it was, because of the tencel. It looks like it shimmers (without any shimmer in it). – LK150 sweater…or will it choose to be a cabled sweater? I picked-up 3.25 skeins.

I’m trying to ONLY buy yarn with a specific project in mind.

Holy Crap, did you see that??? Trump just fired 4 at 1 time! The biggest firing EVER! How dramatic.


A ball winder, to save my wrist and keep my swift company.

7 circulars. Wooden for airplane travel; 16″, 40″ and 60″ for projects from Cat Bordhi’s great books.

4 tiny mice, from Burdick’s. I thought they’d taste better but they sure were cute.

Just to show that we DID do some work on my LK, here it is. Peggy taught me how to do cables, eyelets, decreases. I have to practice, and wrap my head around, the different types of decreases from the wrong side.

My eyes were bothering me a bit, from driving, so I couldn’t do a lot of playing, but it still was fun!

Tomorrow, my Mom’s driving in, for a 2-day visit. We’re going to knit and eat and probably shop.

See ya next week!

Is knitting allowed, while serving Jury Duty? I might find out on Tuesday.

And thanks to Jane for the brownie tip!

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