It’s been a quiet week

It’s been a quiet week and I have no pictures.

The Rhinebeck plans fell apart when Tom called me on Friday and said that his work was short-staffed for Saturday. Somehow the triple-overtime made up for it.

On Monday, Tom made some brownies, from a recipe in Cook’s Illustrated.

Cook’s Illustrated done us wrong! Usually they’re dead on and this time the brownies came up DOA.

They were so bad that Tom took them to work. Yup, the old “get it OUT of the house, drop and run”.

SO bad that one taste and I didn’t want anything sweet for the rest of the night – just the thought of something sweet made my stomach do flips.

SO BAD that I thought of putting them around my deck to thwart off rabbits and mice.

FOR SHAME, Cook’s Illustrated!!!

The next day Tom came home from the grocery store with 4 different boxes of brownie mix. We’re going to have our OWN test kitchen.

Box 1 – Pillsbury Brownie Classics Traditional Fudge. YUM! This is the brownie that you hear calling you from across the house. The kind that you keep sneaking into the kitchen for “just a tiny taste”.

Brownie-goodness, redeemed.

3 more boxes to go.

On the knitting front….

I started “Backyard Leaves” on Sunday. It wasn’t looking right.

I re-started it on Monday. I was into the 3rd repeat of the pattern. Not too happy with the results and thought it might be that the yarn had too much of a “halo”. Does that sound right?

I know that this has to be blocked to get to the pretty end product, but there weren’t any clear edges to the leaves and stems. They kind of blended.

The next day I picked it up and something had gone wrong. I had been keeping track of the rows with a counter and a post-it as a chart marker but I just couldn’t figure out where I was. Nothing looked right.

Rippit! Rippit!

I started “Forbes Forest” on Tuesday!

I’m enjoying this scarf and think that cables were just what I needed. And, even with the stitch-fighting of my first “popcorn”, I’m still enjoying it.

And the yarn is happier working on this scarf.

I’m going to look at the Aurora 8 yarn, this weekend, at WEBS. It’s the yarn called for in the “Backyard Leaves” pattern but I don’t think I want to do green. Maybe a nice brown, rust, or red color. Like the leaves of Fall.

Today I had a fun time with Amy – breakfast, wandering around Target, Blockbuster – it doesn’t matter what we do, we just have a good time together. And she MADE me buy glow-in-the-dark nail polish.

So, now I’m off to pack. A bit more planning involved than for Rhinebeck (and we know how well THAT turned out!).

I’m just hoping that I don’t leave the knitting machine home! It would be just like me – as scattered as I’ve been the past few months.

I’m really looking forward to this trip. I haven’t seen my friend, Peggy, for about 6 years. We’re going to shop for yarn, buy chocolate, do knitting on the LK-150 (she’s going to teach me), and catch up.

On Sunday, hopefully, I’m going to meet Jess. It’s not a sure thing, tho. She would have to drive a-ways to meet me and I’ll only have an hour or so before I leave for the 4 hour drive home. But I’m dangling a cheesecake in front of her, as added incentive.

Gotta remember to bring the cheesecake…..

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