Pictures, of my Rotten Penny,

Pictures, of my Rotten Penny, to appear tomorrow.

Tonight I’m working on the straps for my Weekend Getaway Satchel, after finishing the back of the bag, earlier this week. It was great to work on the body of the bag. Zip! DONE!

And I’ve got SO much yarn left over that I have to think of my next felting project.

A Market Squares Bag (Summer ’01 issue of Knitter’s)?
A laptop case (from IK Fall ’05)?
The EZ Bag(Two Old Bags pattern)?

Oh, my head is spinning from the possibilities! (Thank goodness it’s not spinning from the antibiotics, anymore. No that wasn’t fun AT ALL. It sucked big time!)

Got a bit more yarn from Elann. The Peruvian Baby Silk is SOOOOOOO soft I think I’m going to earmark it for the “Poor Boy” type sweater in Pleasures of Knitting.

This week was a knitting group meeting week. (Thanks for being there, Amy.)
The meetings are twice a month. I was kind of spacey and didn’t even bother to do any knitting. I DID get to look at a bunch of knitting magazines and books. That’s a good time!

I decided to try to wear some eye make-up for the meeting.

Brand new Estee Lauder eye shadow – $20
Brand new q-tip – $0.002
6 hours without eye infection – PRICELESS
Can you HEAR the deep sigh of regret?

(NOTE: I just looked at some on-line, icky, pink-eye pictures. My eyes are pink, but not icky, gross. EWW!!)

What the HELL is going on? I’ve been wearing make-up for almost 30 years. All of the sudden my eyes are rejecting my attempts at beautification. Don’t they know what a teensy bit of eye make-up can do for my self-esteem??

I did enjoy the movie, Pretty In Pink. Also liked the Psychedelic Furs song – with the same name. Not so crazy about the color in my eyes. Looks good on bunnies, tho.

To put the icing on the cake, tonight I went for a haircut. 7 girls in their 20’s, all with tank tops, platform shoes and tattoos, working at the salon. 40 something me sitting there without ANY make-up. Anyone get the bad feeling I was having?

It was like being in a bar and everyone else is laughing and talking and you’re sitting there and even the bartender doesn’t see you. Oy vey.

Yes, I had ice-cream for dinner, to drown my sorrow.

Nope, don’t regret it ONE BIT! I only ate 2 of the 3 scoops, so there! I have will-power but a girl needs a bit of pampering once in a while.

I’m hoping that the weather is nice, on Saturday, for Rhinebeck. I’m really looking forward to going and meeting Jess and Abi (SpiderWomanKnits – whose blog link no longer works for me) – and possibly Diana and Erin and any other bloggers that I might recognize.

Not planning on buying much, if any, yarn. But I’m going to look at everything!

And take LOTS of pictures.

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