It’s Friday. It’s raining (we

It’s Friday.

It’s raining (we needed it!).

Amy is having a party and I can’t go (teenage flash-back) because current meds are making me…well…not party material.

OK, the flash-back isn’t because of the meds. Just so we’re clear on that.

So I’m doing a fast post to show 2 of my newest books. Yup. Party Animal, that’s me.

This handbag book has some of the neatest patterns! Basic bags and then the same bags all “dressed up”.

Did I mention I sew, too? Yeah, well, when I can find the time.

And THIS one came as a total surprise.

I finished my *%! Penny sweater. And now it’s in the cubes. At the back.

I gave it the best 6 weeks of…oh…the last 6 weeks!

Sniff, snuffle…I can’t talk about it right now.

Tonight I’m going to start the back of my Weekend Getaway Satchel. That won’t turn on me, right?

Yessir, plain, down and dirty knitting. It’s what the doctor ordered.

He DID. It’s on the list before the eye plugs and after the “dizzy making” meds.

I’m weaving my way back to my chair to comfort myself with Size 11 circs. and Wool of the Andes.

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