STASH-O-RAMA The main storage area


The main storage area in my guest/craft room.

I haven’t decorated this room, yet. You can kind of see the strip of bears along the top of the wall. It had been a babies room.

And I was trying out a swatch of paint next to the cat puzzle/picture. Yes. It’s a puzzle and I want to decorate the room based on it.

Cubes purchased at Target. Assembly assisted by Giles.

A closer look at the cubes. It’s kind of like a strip tease. The yarn’s coming!

All of my Stitches flyers, since 1998. And a brochure for Boston, 2006.
I’m missing 2003 – didn’t go.

From those bottom 4 drawers. My “sock yarn drawers”.

The 2 bottom doors hide my knitting magazines. Vogue, Interweave Knits on the left and Knitter’s on the right.

And now, my stash. It isn’t huge but I had recently done a “clean-up” and e-bay’d a lot of stuff.

2 of my favorites are my Mountain Color’s Bearfoot in Moondance. 3 hanks.

And Lorna’s Laces Shepherds Sock in Embers. 2 hanks.

The 2 plastic boxes reside in the closet and hold project left-overs. And 1 sleeve.

I had started an Olympics sweater and then had hand problems. So I returned all of the yarn I hadn’t used. And e-bay’d the pattern!

What am I going to do with 1 sleeve?

That’s all folks!

Now I tag Lisa, Diana and Maggie! Come on. Show it off!

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