Once again, I am strong

Once again, I am strong enough (like The Tick!) to bend time.

We interrupt this posting with a re-run of 9/30’s post (which was censored by some smoker, over at Blogger, I bet).

I give you a non-rant, rant. Thank goodness it’s my “right” to breathe clean air.

Oh, wait! I no longer have that “right” because smoker’s have their “right” to smoke and stink up my breathing space.

So, whose “right” is RIGHT?

Thus concluding this non-rant, rant, minus the NON (math flashback! a minus and a NON = less than NADA) portion of the post.

Thank you AMY for the beautiful Baby Cashmere.

You enabled me to order MORE yarn from elann.com so I could make a whole sweater.

After all, what are friends for, if not to enable?

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