’cause I’ve got the Golden

’cause I’ve got the Golden Ticket!

Don’t know why that song came to mind, when I found this book. It was wedged in with all of the other knitting books, at Barnes & Noble. I really don’t know how I saw it but it’s MINE!

Now I’m ready to meet Stephanie at Stitches East, act like a total geek and have her sign both of her books.


Now she knows I’m going to hunt her down. OK. Don’t tell ANYONE.

Tuesday was SO busy.

Well, we had good intentions.

By the by, those aren’t my legs.

Wednesday was just as busy.

Here’s “A Stitchy Kinda Thing” group mtg.

Debbie, Stella, Marijane, some poor man trying to ignore us, Sue and Amy.

There was a picture taken of all of us but, since I was in it, it was blurry. I guess I’m like a devil where photos are no good.


Here’s a picture of 2 of my bowling buddies. The smiling one, Erma, is on my team. She’s 94 and still going strong. Love her!
The headless one, Sandy, is the lady I roomed with in Las Vegas. We joke that we’re twins, separated at birth. She IS a devil!

Just as the camera went to flash, she started moving and ended up as “Lady without a head”. I think it looks kind of cool and supernatural. But it’s not her best side.

And this is the team we bowled against.

Jeannie, Sally, Marge and Arlene

Look at those sweet smiles. So innocent.

Somehow, they all ended up wearing the same color. SO THEY SAY. (I really like their team. Lots of fun.)

I think they planned it as a scare tactic. I guess it worked because they took 3 out of 4 points. Yes, that means we got 1. Whoo-hoo.

Not even going to mention my scores.

Which brings me to today.

Another call to the Eye Doc. Looks like I’m going to have a fun weekend. Have to start with the eye goop again AND have to stop taking my allergy pills. Doctor thinks they may be causing my excessive dry eye.

I should be VERY attractive by the end of the week, goopy and snotty (weren’t they a Vaudeville team?). Talk about children shrinking away in fear.

But I digress…

I took a drive to My Father’s Beads in Coopersburg, PA and got a few, just a FEW, skeins of yarn. I want to make the Spork so I bought these lovelies.

I love the color names. Kiwi, Oregano and Aubergine.

Should I knit with them or make a salad?

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