Thursday brought all of this…

Thursday brought all of this…

1st day of bowling. High Game of 214 and a 520 series. Good bowling day.

And not much angst in the Bowling League Secretary category. Sometimes the women listen to me, sometimes not so much. But even with 4 new bowlers it went smoothly.

I have done some fighting with my new bowling program, tho.

My friend, Putt, brought me this

an adorable cow pin (the camera was blurry in sympathy for my left eye – yeah), designed specifically to make people laugh. We don’t laugh enough.

I wore it during bowling and she kept yelling at me to straighten it so everyone could see the udders.

And after I got home, these were delivered (I made reference to my new kitchen toys a few posts ago)

Oh so shiny and new. Both LG appliances.

SUPER quiet dishwasher and a fridge that requires a learning curve.

Where do we put everything? How should the shelves be spaced? Learning how to use a “french door” fridge and a freezer on the bottom.

That shelf spacing thing? Important for short people. I’m 5’2″ and everytime I opened the right door I nearly took out my face on a door shelf. And I have to stand on my tippy toes to get to the butter dish.

We’ve always had the standard type (freezer on top) and this is cool. (Yeah, I said cool about the fridge!)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday…a blur, literally.

Somehow, thru the haze, I finished the front of my Weekend Getaway Satchel.

Doesn’t it make a great skirt?

The bottom edge rolled up but I was having enough trouble keeping it on (leaning against a wall) while perfecting my one-legged stance. I really DO have 2 legs but, hey, 1 leg in front of the other is slimming.

I have enough of the colors left to do the back. I’m going to try to do that by Sunday.

Watching “Good Morning America” this…duh…morning and Diane Sawyer mentioned “Hurricane Ethelia”.

Which made me think of ways that someone, with the initials of GB, could mis-pronounce “Ophelia”.

– Hurricane Epithelial

– Hurricane Urethra

– Hurricane Oom-pa-pa-mau-mau

Knitting group meeting tomorrow. This time I MIGHT remember to take a photo…but don’t anyone hold their breath.

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