My right wrist has been

My right wrist has been hurting for 2 days because if the HUGE amount of typing/computer crap and knitting that I’ve been doing.

I really wanted to PUSH and get up to a certain point in my “Mutant Penny”. I made it to the waist decreases (even though I’m not sure if I started them too soon).

Yes, I even did the collar finishing BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT.

Now, I believe that I’m SCREWED.

I just read Grumperina’s blog and she’s put up a NEW version of “Tivoli”, called “Picovoli”. She’s done a HUGE amount of work on this fabulous pattern. Please go and check it out.

Anyway, it’s done in Cathay. And she explains one of the reasons for making it so form fitting.

Cathay. widens. with. wear.

This statement put a chill in my heart.

I’ve been knitting like an SOB and because I’m making the sweater 2″ larger than my measurement “up top”, I think I’m going to be wearing a sack after the 2nd or 3rd washing.


Do I frog, again, and start over, using a smaller finished bust measurement?

I swear, if I had done this sweater in Lion Brand Microspun it would have been perfect. But since I decided to use Cathay, it’s going to be awful.

I have never knit myself a sweater that I have liked on me. NEVER.

I can do socks, felted bags, sweaters for Tom. But NOTHING for myself.

WHY? WHY?????

I think, if my wrist will cooperate, I’m going to re-start my satchel front this weekend. It will be nice to me, right?

Oh, no one tell Tom that I busted his (mouse)ball this week, okay?

I mean, he know’s I’m a ball-buster, but this may have been too much for him.

And check out this new blog Amy is working on. God love her, she’s asking ME for advice on HTML! (Insert Vincent Price laugh here)

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