Here’s my progress on the

Here’s my progress on the “Mutant Penny”. I had frogged it and re-started it earlier this week. Right now it has the start of “Bad Penny” and I still can’t decide if I want to “Tivoli” the waist shaping or just do side-seam shaping.
And there’s the small matter of being able to figure out how to calculate where the front/back decreases would occur, if I went that way. Any input would be appreciated!

The Cathay is very nice to work with. I’d probably make more things with it if there were more “jewel-tone” colors.

Here are the Kraemer’s purchase pics.

A pretty red for Ene’s Scarf.

For the Kitty Nest. I think the dark colors will go nicely even though I’m not sure of the color of our kitten-to-be. I can’t wait to work on it and see how it felts.

Of Course, after doing all of the yarn buying, my KnitPicks order arrived yesterday!

Along with the Coal, I ordered Avocado, Iron Ore and Mist. Now I can slide them into the mix of colors. What’s another few hours of planning, after what I’ve already done for this bag?

Check out (in the sidebar) what Tom and I did with rubber stamps. When we saw Sergio Garcia has a little face on his golf balls, I said “We can do that.”

It was a fun afternoon and we stampled and colored and laughed. I called it our “Craft Hour”.

Tom’s in another tournament on Sunday. I hope we can narrow it down to 2 or 3 stamps by then.

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