Tom’s doing better this week.

Tom’s doing better this week. The wonderful hives had left his torso and progressed to his arms/legs. Now they’re only on his hands and feet. Still itching like crazy in those areas but a HUGE improvement. He is using his “medical knowledge” and scalding himself in the shower to deaden the itching. We’ll be hanging out a shingle soon.

TOM P., M.D.

Nice ring to it, no?

I got a few books this week…

and started playing with the “Backyard Leaves” pattern in Scarf Style, using some Gems Opal Merino (color: Fern) on a size 3 circular.

I don’t have enough to do the whole scarf but really wanted to see if I could follow the chart. So here’s the little bit I’ve done so far…
Check out those markers! I had been fondling and gazing at them and decided I’d actually USE them. What a concept.

Now I need to come up with a way to store them, neatly. For now I’m using a ring of memory wire.

I’m also searching around for a store that carries the Rowan Wool Cotton. I need to see the colors “up close and personal”. The cover sweater on “The Pleasures of Knitting” is calling to me.

If you think it’s calling to you, you’re wrong. That’s MY name. If you think that books can talk then you’re just nuts. Maybe you need to make a doctor’s appointment (see my first subject in this post.).

I finished the front of my Weekend Getaway Satchel
and will felt it this weekend. I’m going to need some positive “Felting” thoughts sent my way. It’s going to involve cutting of floats. I may start to drink heavily.

Now, here’s what we did yesterday.

We took a little drive to NY and decided to follow the GPS directions instead of driving our usual route.

“Fred” took us THRU NYC which included 2 tunnels and a leisurely crawl past some cool landmarks. I didn’t think to take pictures until we were almost done with our crawl but we passed The Empire State Bldg., Macy’s, a zillion Starbucks…it was a lot of fun!

“MENDY’S!” I yelled at Tom, “It’s MENDY’s!”. Jerry Seinfeld was nowhere to be seen.

Our reason for taking this little (2.5 hours) drive was to visit the home of a Ragdoll breeder. For those not “in the know”, a Ragdoll is a breed of cat.

Not just any cat.

The breed of cat that WE are going to own next year!!!!!

It was a WONDERFUL visit. We got to play with about 5 kittens that were almost 4 months old – there were more kittens but they were all splayed out, sleeping, on her stairs.

Also saw some beautiful adult cats. 1 of them has appeared in ads for Martha’s (you know) line of bedding (June 2005 issue). Some of the kittens were in an Avon ad.

Our baby would be in that litter and be ready to take home in early January.

I put a link to the breeder’s site in my sidebar.

This may not sound exciting but we’ve been “cat-free” for 3 months. We’ve been “healthy” cat-free for almost a year. The house is very quiet during the day.

After that excitement we went on a hunt for foods we’ve been denied while living off of Long Island.

I’m more into food than Tom. I yearn for certain foods that I had most of my life.

So, we bought a dozen knishes! OH HEAVEN! The last time my Mom visited, she brought us a dozen, and they didn’t last long. Not that they went bad…they didn’t have time to go bad. I INHALED them! Don’t worry. I shared.

Then we went into a bakery. Tom had to drop me off so he could find a parking spot. I told him to hurry up before I bought out the store.

I walked into that bakery and nearly cried when I saw the display cases.

Some of you may not know what I’m talking about. I KNOW that there are some of you that DO!!!

I bought $21 worth of cookies.

That’s not all of them. We got those super huge chocolate chip cookies, too!

(The pastry frenzy may have been made worse by the eclairs that Tom bought from a LARGE chain grocery store last week. They used about 1/2″ of piped buttercream for the topping instead of the PROPER topping of melted chocolate. I just about died, it was so terrible.)

We left and went to get some coffee for the road. I took a nibble of a chocolate chip cookie and said “We need more cookies.”

No arguing with me on this one. After we got the coffee we went BACK to the bakery. They laughed when I walked in.

“I’d like a dozen chocolate chip cookies, please.”

HEY! Don’t be staring at my cookies! Get your own!!!

2 of those small cookies lost their lives just because I had to open the box to take the picture. It could be a long weekend.

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