It’s been a rough week.

It’s been a rough week. I’m thinking of legally changing Tom’s name to “Poor Tom”. Don’t worry, I’m not posting any pictures of him.

After the “leg” episode last week (it’s still healing but MUCH better), this week brought more visits to the doctor.

The antibiotics waited 4 days before making Tom all bright and spotty. Hives.
And after a nice round of golf, on Tuesday (a great score in the 70’s), he was turned into “lobster man” by burning thru his shirt.

Kids, when the labels say “minimize sun exposure” they mean it!

So, he had to stop taking the medication. And Benadryl wasn’t helping the itching unless he took 2 – which zonked him out.

I know they say “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” but this was dinner on Thursday!

Friendly’s Banana Splits.

Tom deserved it and you KNOW I couldn’t let him eat alone. This has been our Thursday dinner for almost a year. I just couldn’t get a picture of them because they disappear so quickly.

“Poor Tom” went back to work today but can’t take any Benadryl while working (Flight Surgeon Rules) and he has to wear long sleeves because he works in an all-window tower.

Other than that I did another block of color on the Satchel.

bought a few more beads and made a few more markers.

Also frogged the 4″ I had done on the Microspun Raglan.

Now I’m thinking of making the Cathay into Bad Penny. Just a little playing with the numbers and I’ll start it. This is supposed to be done before December (Las Vegas trip) but if I can’t decide what to make, I’m SOL.

This weekend I’m going to give my knitting machine a spin. I’ve had it for months (Tom got it on e-bay for a GREAT price) and the most that I’ve done is a 2″ swatch and found a nice, cozy carrying case for it. Yes, it’s a gun case. Guess you could say it’s my version of “Make love, not war”.

From my brothers’ front lawn…

I hope everyone has a WHALE of a weekend.

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