1963 Austin Princess Rolls Royce

1963 Austin Princess Rolls Royce



Revised for HELP!
I’m working on the Weekend Getaway Satchel from Interweave Knits.

I decided not to do the intarsia (don’t ask) and came up with a fair-isle pattern for the front and back of the bag.

I’m using the terms “stranding” and “floats” as the same thing. Forgive me if that’s not correct.

Here’s where the HELP comes in…

When doing stranding that will be felted, will the lengths of the float matter?

I had done a swatch with another yarn – just to see how the pattern showed up – and the felted piece came out with ripples in the fabric because of tight stranding (I’m assuming that’s what it was even though, again, I don’t knit tight).

I realize that there needs to be “breathing room” between the floats so the material doesn’t pull.

The longest float is 6 sts. (Gauge 4 sts. = 1″) I stick a finger under the yarn, back there, while doing the floats, to make sure it’s not pulling.

The first pattern (blue/purple 6 rows) I caught the floats every 3 or 4 sts.

The second pattern (2 tones of brown) I left the unused yarn as a total float – no catching.

I see very slight ripples in the 2nd pattern area – which I frogged yesterday to re-do – and now it’s worse without catching.

I’m making myself nuts. Can anyone help out with this?

Here’s the front and back. Dumb ripples don’t show up in photo.

Thanks to my lovely assistant, “Toes”, for all of your help.

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