I’m glad someone was happy

I’m glad someone was happy in all of the heat we’ve been having. (taken thru a window screen)

I’ve gotten over the shock of the new VK and might have found 2 patterns that I like.

I think I can go on now.

Garmin has gone back to Circuit City. I tried to use the GPS a few times and got fed up.

Tom’s GPS tells him street names, as in “Go 3/10 of a mile and turn right on State Street”. Garmin said “Continue 300 feet and turn right.” Twice in 1 day I ended up in the wrong spot because of the generic “right” turn. Seriously, when you’re driving at 45 – 50 mph, how can you tell 300 feet? Blink, that’s 300 feet!

So a Pocket PC/GPS is not for me. No great loss. I like looking at a map a few dozen times so that I’m more aware of my surroundings. Sure, I may get lost a few times but that’s what panicky cell phone calls are for.

Me: “TOM! I’m in NJ and passing the airport. Which way do I go?”
Tom: “There are lots of airports in NJ. I WORK at one. How the heck do I know where you are?”

See? Tom GPS.
And if you think we don’t have a kicking good time, without technology, here’s proof.
10:45PM and Tom’s killed a house centepede.

Check out the form. Check out the HUGE leg bandage. Check out my lack of decorating expertise. (Translation: Still haven’t done the den. No clue what to do.)

And here I am, watering my volunteer tomatoes. (Volunteer, it does a body good – pale legs optional.)

And here’s Tom trying on a hat at a camping store.
We don’t camp. But we LOVE all of the neat things in the store. And Tom’s buying me dinner! (Freeze-dried Beef Stroganoff packet in his hand) So that’s almost the same, right?

And don’t think we’re always on the go. After playing a round of golf in high 90 temperatures, Tom likes to relax in our library and read golf magazines.

OK, it’s Barnes & Noble. But we think of it as “ours” because our butt prints are in their comfy chairs.

Early this week I finished my Cashmerino One Skein Wonder.
It was too hot to model.

And I got started on the front of my Weekend Getaway Satchel. I’d take a photo but it’s so bulky and all rolled up at the bottom. Not much to see, yet.

I decided it would be less aggravating to roll skeins of the doubled yarn than to have 4 balls rolling around the chair at one time. So everytime I get to another color change I stop and roll. Which is not to be confused with STOP-DROP-and ROLL.

So in closing, boys and girls, here’s how my brother’s kitten CARAMEL is doing.

Doesn’t it look like his head is on the wrong body?

So cute!

Have a great Sunday!

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