On Monday, Tom’s Birthday, we

On Monday, Tom’s Birthday, we took a drive to Atlantic City aided by ANOTHER new toy… It’s a Garmin iQue M5 Pocket PC with GPS. That’s a mouthful. And if you think it’s tough to say, you should try to learn how to use it.

More than once this weekend I had to leave the room and go sit with my knitting. I did much cursing and mumbling. We’re still getting to know each other. I don’t know how this relationship is going to end up.

“Q” took us thru Philly and over the Ben Franklin Bridge…

And delivered us, safely, to Caesars!

We didn’t stay too long – about 4 hours. This gave us enough time to donate to the slots and have some lunch. We like to go to the buffet, which allowed us to grab 3 pieces of chocolate cake before we even got our food. It was Tom’s birthday, after all.

We should have left after lunch but Tom wanted to play more. 1 slot machine later and we left with more money than when we arrived. Tom finally hit the Wheel of Fortune for 2 nice spins (250 coins total). It’s nice when that happens and doubly nice for Tom. He’s not that lucky at the slots.

We passed the Atlantic City Convention Center on the way out of AC.

Everyone wave.

This is where Stitches East will be held this year. I’m still not sure IF I’m going or HOW I’m going (if I go).

So, that’s the “news that was”.

Thanks to Jess for sending the funniest, cutest card to Tom.

I’m off to find a new yarn store that has beads, too! Let’s hope “Q” doesn’t lead me wrong.

One more shot…a “butt head cover”…another of Tom’s birthday presents…

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