Now that Lance is feeling

Now that Lance is feeling better…I’m not!

A few things today.

That green feller on my last post is a Tomato Horn Worm.

This voracious feeder, the larvae of the giant sphinx month, has plagued my garden for the past couple of years. This night-flying moth lays her pearly white eggs on the plant, they hatch into little worms and begin their feeding cycle. I’ve found only a couple of worms feeding on my tomatoes so far this year, but I’m closely inspecting my plants on a regular basis, looking for defoliated stems and droppings on the leaves as well as the soil.

When hornworm numbers are small, the best control is the old fashioned pick-and-squash method. The green worms have a vicious appearance and even give off a menacing clicking noise when an intruder comes near. They also squirm as if to bite when they’re picked off a plant but they are really as harmless as a cabbage worm. These green worms are difficult to spot, even though they may be a plump 5 inches long, and are perfectly camouflaged along the stem of a tomato. Often you can spot the eaten foliage but not see the culprit. I always look for fresh droppings and then go straight up. Nine out of 10 times the worm is then spotted. He likes to munch on tomato plants. He REALLY liked munching on mine…right up until I found him. We’ll leave it at that.

Jess I’m sorry I didn’t wear gloves while working on Lance. That must be how he infected your laptop. So sorry! Now we know it’s true – no glove, no e-mail love.

I’m almost done with my Cashmerino One Skein Wonder. I like to call it my “2 day OSW” because it always takes me 2 days to finish one. This is the most fun I’ve had knitting and I guess it’s because it’s so quick. I’m becoming a pro at changing the gauge to match whatever yarn I feel like using. So far I’ve done changes for 5 different yarns and think I’ll make myself a chart so it’s all on one page.

This yarn is SO wonderful to knit. I can’t wait to finish it and try it on.

Here’s the biggie –

Monday is Tom’s 45th birthday.
When he turned 40 I wrote to all of our business customers and asked for snail mail cards. I wanted to get as many as I could for a neat surprise. Rented a PO box just for that. He was really happy and couldn’t understand how everyone knew it was his birthday.


Here’s a “We’re So Dumb” moment from this week…

  • Tom works outside and does weed whacking and comes inside and smells like gasoline
  • Laurie, thinking quick, says “Don’t go upstairs w/those clothes, take them off and toss them in the washer now.” (I’m so SMART, no?)
  • (now I change my name) STUPID Laurie doesn’t realize that gasoline doesn’t really like to sit inside a closed up washing machine overnight (Even STUPIDER – she doesn’t read the label that says “WARNING! Never place items that have been dampened w/gasoline…”, though she knows that oil shouldn’t go in there – geeze!)
  • when she comes downstairs in the morning she smells gasoline and says “Gosh, I’ll have to open the washing machine so the fumes aren’t collected inside there.”
  • REALLY STUPID Laurie does a wash – luckily it’s just Tom’s smelly clothes and some old towels
  • realizes that clothes can’t go into dryer smelling like gas. No telling what’s still on the clothes (DUH)… tosses clothes
  • Washing machine smells like gas
  • Calls Whirlpool (feeling like an IDIOT…and rightly so) and asks what to do now, is $1000 washing machine a goner?
  • Ends up doing 3 washes with vinegar and old towels
  • Washer still smells (I think it’s the rubber seals around the door that soaked up the fumes)

Where do I pick-up my sign? Thanks to Bill Engvall for the jokes!

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