I’m going to fall off

I’m going to fall off the face of the earth for a while…or at least this blog.

The NEW computer, that I got Wednesday, started giving me ERROR messages on FRIDAY!!!

I am so FED UP with all of the NEW & IMPROVED (that should be an oxymoron) technology.

So until I can get “Lance” up and running, faithfully, I’m not going to be posting.

I can’t even look at him.

I’m doing this on my old GATEWAY.

So far I’m not happy with HP at all. Tom custom ordered an HP notebook. But everything INSIDE says it’s COMPAQ. All of the registration and help areas are COMPAQ. Just the shell is HP. He’s got an HP that IS an HP. They may be owned by the same companies BUT IF YOU PAY FOR A HP YOU SHOULD GET AN HP!

I’m just saying.

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