I have been tagged by

I have been tagged by LisaB!!

So, I’m going to take a break from bringing my NEW TOY (an HP Special Edition L2000 CTO) up to speed and type a LONG post with the answers. More news on my TOY by the weekend.

And a-waaaay we go!

10 years ago: Married 1 1/2 years. Living in a first floor apartment, in NJ, under some very heavy steppers. We dubbed them “The Elephant People”. Working as an Assistant Manager at Blockbuster Video. This fed my love of movies very well, and was a nice change from doing office work for 17 years. Knitting not on the horizon.

5 years ago: Dealing with a rotten Real Estate agent. Tom ended up finding our house while driving. Working out of house for our home biz. Loving having a garden. Knitting approx. 2 years. Loving Giles.

1 year ago: About to learn (in August) that Giles (my “baby” cat) had Chronic Renal Failure. Getting ready for a visit from my friend who lives in Arizona. Harvesting zucchinis, cucumbers and peppers and giving them to anyone that passed our line of sight! It made the UPS man very happy.

Yesterday: Watered the veggies. Got my new notebook computer in the AM. Went to Barnes & Noble to meet Amy (we had just met at the Knitting Meeting the week before) and do some chatting about knitting. Did ANOTHER yarn exchange at Michael’s. Tom’s turn to make lattes but he wasn’t feeling well. I made them. Leftovers for dinner. Worked on computer, loading programs, etc. until 11:45pm.

Today: More veggie watering. Went to Kohl’s and Sam’s Club. Took a few phone orders. Sat on my butt for 4 hours, loading MORE onto the computer. Did THIS post. Latte (for 1) to follow! And finishing the square for Kerstin.

Tomorrow: Oh, stop the insanity I can’t handle the excitement. I have a haircut appointment, at a new place, in the AM. Post office. Tom has a doctor appointment in the PM (poor thing – they always make him wait about 2 hours before seeing him). I’ll make the latte’s. This is my spoiling Tom.

5 snacks I enjoy: Hard to limit to 5 so I’ll dust over them. Dry Corn Pops, Anything Dark Chocolate, Peppermint Patties, Pretzels, Ice Cream.

5 bands/singers that I know MOST of their songs: I haven’t heard a lot lately since I’m always listening to a book on my iPod so…Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Queen, Phantom of the Opera – the play, lots from the 80’s. I have one of those “song” minds that can remember from the 50’s thru the 90’s. I can name that tune in…..

Things I would do with $100,000,000: AAAAGGGHHHH! I just fainted. OK..Pay off our house, my parent’s house. Dole out money to everyone in our families. Find a nice 10 acre piece of land and build a new house with enough room to hold all of our STUFF. Possibly build a house for my parents on the same plot of land. Oh, heck. They can have their own land! Take some vacations. Donate to causes that really break my heart.

5 locations I’d like to run away to: Las Vegas, St. Lucia, France, Somewhere without TV and Internet so I could knit and read, The MALL OF AMERICA. Come on, you’d love it there!

5 bad habits I have: Grind my teeth, quick temper, I hate putting away washed clothes so I leave them in the basket for a week, pile my papers and magazines on the dining room table, buy produce for recipes and then end up tossing them when I didn’t get to make the recipe BECAUSE I WAS BLOGGING!!!!

5 things I like doing: Knitting, gardening, bowling, cooking/baking, surfing on the web/blogging.

5 things I would never wear: Peter Pan collar, ultra low hip-huggers (ROTFL at that image), sandals w/socks and shorts, a tongue stud/nose ring (allergies so bad – it would hurt!), short-shorts – those days are SO over!

5 TV shows I like: Let me say I LOVE TV so 5, again, is a tough one. I’m sure I’ll think of different ones once I’ve posted but…Good Eats, Amazing Race, House, CSI (Las Vegas), Judge Judy, Hell’s Kitchen. Did I mention I can’t count?

5 Movies I like: Fargo, Dark Crystal, The Usual Suspects, My Blue Heaven, Jaws, The Lord of the Ring movies, Old Musicals (Sound of Music, Oklahoma, etc.). AGAIN with the no counting!

5 famous people I’d like to meet: Alan King (RIP), Diane Sawyer, Paul James – The Gardener Guy, Alton Brown, Judge Judy. Yes folks, nothing deep here. Sorry.

5 biggest joys at the moment: When Tom is home and has time to spend w/me, knitting, daily latte, watching birds on my deck playing in the birdbaths, the hope that I’ll find another cat like Giles.

5 favorite toys: iPod Mini (Etienne), Espresso Machines, Sony T7 Cybershot, new laptop (Lance), our 3 DVD player/recorders.

Do I have to pay an excess tax to anyone, for going over on a few?

So, now I’m going to tag Jess cause she’s been so nice helping me with my Knitting Progress Tracker, Tara (so she takes a break from school work), Maggie (because she’s on vacation!), and ERIN so she stops thinking about the Harry Potter book!!!!


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